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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Synchronicity is .  . .
Is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance.

"meaningful coincidences"

a causal connecting principle

an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events.

Last night I finished my home work for my literary angel, and WOW.
SYNCHRONICITY (I wish I could say that word)

I sent Chapters one and two of my second book to my angel.  Got on messenger and related I had sent it, I mentioned I started reading the angels newest book and mentioned a part in Chapter one of the story.  Well that part was true!  It had a direct correlation to part of what I related in Chapter two of what I had just sent the angel.  So the angel has a direct, Very Direct relation to a historical event that was related in both pieces of work.  It was the most bizarre experience of Synchronicity I have ever experienced.

Any of you who read my stuff, here or in my books, will find out sooner or later I am religious, converted rather late in life mostly because of my wife.  I still have a problem with cussing, in that I still do it habitually, and I know it is wrong.  I sure God knows I do it, and he is working on me about it through my wife and she has enlisted my oldest son in the crusade by having him repeatedly tell me, "Daddy don't say that." 

I am a devout Christian because of things I have witnessed which can only be nothing short of a miracle or divine intervention.  A faith Experience.  Many believe, but until you experience something personally that cements your faith in God almighty, you will struggle with faith and your belief.  I love the church my wife and I attend because they are very big on, you knowing what you believe and why do you believe it.  They don't tell you what to believe.  They preach the Holy Word of the Bible and even present different view points on some of the controversial topics, but they believe a Christian should know what they believe and why.

There are times when God has plans for your life and ready or not, when it is time, God moves.  Your plans don't matter.  You want to make God laugh, by all means put your hands together and tell him about your plans.  You understand that point much better when your two year old son starts laying out his plans for the way the evening will go according to him, and as a father you're like, "That's nice and that might make you happy, but this is what is really going to happen."  It dawned on my one night while explaining that to my two year old that God pretty much does the same thing with us, only he doesn't always explain it so well.  Then again maybe he does but we are listening like a two year and more concerned with our plan we don't see or listen when he is telling us. 

I am old enough, wise enough to realize that not everything is a coincidence, God brings people into your life for a reason, and it might be years before you figure it out.  We may never figure it out.  Looking back I can see how my plans and my life has changed and not quite gone the way I had imagined it would, and as it turns out I have ended up in a much better place and better off for what has happened.  I know when God is working in my life and adjusting things, getting ready to change things, and I am wise enough to sit back and marvel in his awesome power and design and watch it unfold.  When I was younger, I would act like my two year old and fight and kick and resist the changes, try to force my plan.  It doesn't work.

There is an oriental proverb that says, that every grain of sand is exactly where it is supposed to be.  When you understand that you will realize we might not like everything that is going on, but it is all according to his master plan and design.  You can fight it, refuse, change the course but in the end it just means you end up at the same point later in life having taken a little harder and longer road, than you might of.  I probably could have listened to the writing and English teachers years ago and been a writer years ago, but it probably was not the right time.  I needed seasoned, experiences, tempered, and mellowed in certain areas to get to where I am at right now.  Exactly where I am supposed to be.  We should open our eyes and ears and listen and watch what's going on around us very closely.  We live in a supernatural world and too many don't see all that is truly going on around them.


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