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Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Win One For The Gipper.

Today in history March 4th, 1888 was the birthday of Knute Rockne, legendary Notre Dame football coach.
I will never forget watching the Movie 'RUDY' where he hops up on the stool and reenacts part of the famous lines from this coach!  Anybody (Especially Writers) who wants a lesson in persistence should watch the movie RUDY!  What always stuck with me through the years, was when he would go talk with the priest about trying to get into Notre Dame, so he could play on the football team.  The priest would ask him, "Have you done everything you can possibly do?" 

"Have you done everything you possibly could do for your book?" 
Polished it, corrected spelling, punctuation, used proper English (as much as you can.)
Have you formatted it properly, and have you self published it, at Smashwords or any other fine self publishing place?
Have you told your friends and family, handed out business cards with information about how to follow you and find your book on the Internet?
Have you went through the process to get different web sites to review your book on line?
If your feeling discouraged, find the movie RUDY and watch it, very inspirational.
Try and not get discourage, you don't conquer the world in one day, Nobody ever has, not Napoleon, Alexander the Great, not even Oprah!  Sometimes the best thing to do is just keep writing and editing, and let nature take its course.

"Let's win one for the Gipper", was a line Rockne used to his team referring to Notre Dame player George Gripp who had recently died.


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