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Friday, March 4, 2011

Editing FIND and Replace

Editing sucks, at it's finest.  In Micro Soft Word, the program, word processor I use to write my books with has a function FIND which will search your document and Find specific words or groups of words.  What I found interesting was when I had to correct a misspelled word I could use Find and Replace With to search the document from top to bottom and correct every place I miss spelled the word.  It also works with instance's of punctuation!  It is an extremely valuable tool. 

Writer beware, practice first on some other piece of work, or make a back up copy of your manuscript before you start using this editing tool.  As fast as it can fix things, it can massively screw things up also.

Careful, creative, and practiced using of this tool is best.  Also works well with formatting.  A great book about formatting tips is Mark Coker's Smashwords Style Guide to Publishing on Smashwords, which is down loadable for FREE on Smashwords dot com.


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