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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is an instinct that almost every human has ingrained in them from their DNA from centuries of those who came before us having to fight for their survival.  Since the dawn of time when faced with predator animals, to those of our own kind, mankind has had to run away, fight or die, sometimes fight and die.
If you have ever been in the woods and wandered upon a wild animal by accident, such as a cougar, mountain lion, or a bear, you know the feeling I am describing.  If you ever have been put in a situation where you had to fight or get the crap knocked out of you, you know what I am talking about.  If you have ever had to dig a foxhole and guard it and your fire zone throughout the night, you know what I am talking about. It is fight, get beat, or die!  Sometimes the option of running is not an option.
When I read about the history of warfare and the countless battles people of Earth have fought against own kind.  When I think about how much of our technology is based off military technology passed down through the ages.  I sometimes try and contemplate how different our planet would be if mankind could learn to work together for the betterment of the species, US!  What technology would we not have, but what technology would have advanced in a peaceful society?  What if mankind never developed the fight or flight response, because we never needed to? 
My second novel grew out of this thinking.  I don’t fully explore this theme in the first book, but it does set the stage for the second and third books.  I like to write things that subtly mess you.  Things that maybe everybody doesn’t quite agree with, that everybody is not quite comfortable with.  I want to get people to think about their beliefs and why they believe them.  In the context of a Science Fiction novel you have to think what would you do if you were placed in a similar circumstance? 
I would love to see world peace but I don’t think mankind as a whole is sufficiently up to the task mentally.  I honestly feel the only way world peace is going to manifest itself is when an alien race presents itself as a common enemy set on destroying Earth and all humans.  Our nature ingrained programming will rise up and the survival instinct present in everybody will override all the ME, ME, ME bullshit we have come to believe is our due, and we will FIGHT.
I have done considerable posts on Thomas Jefferson lately and read a bunch of his writings lately, especially the Declaration Of Independence!  We are to have a pursuit of happiness!
We are not guaranteed happiness, or success, that you have to work for and establish on your own!  If you’re not happy with the way things are don’t go occupy anything.  Get off your lazy ass and work for what you want. 
For those who do work and have jobs you should in no way be upset that my newest offering is priced at 4.99.  That’s half the price of a new release from a major well known author, and I realize if I ever want to stay home and write more and better books, I need to charge for them.  When I publish my next book I will put it at 4.99 and drop this one to 3.99, and eventually they will all end up at .99 cents.  I gave my first novel away left and right just to get people to try my work.  In light of my support for Capitalism and the American way of working for what you want, instead of occupying some place with your freaking hand out for somebody to give you something you don’t deserve I am charging for my book. 
So for the reading, intelligent community who have a job and can afford to purchase books, I want to ask people to try my newest Novel!!
As an E-book.
Or in paperback.

It’s definitely worth $4.99. 


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