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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cage Fighting

One of the salesman from where I work also manages a handful of semi pro cage fighters in what they term mixed martial arts.  One of this guys ambitions when he started managing fighters was to actually climb in the cage and fight somebody, at least once before he gets too old.  So some time ago he announced he would be fighting in a real match at Harrah's Casino in Kansas City, October 7, 2011.  He invited everybody he knew!  It was going to be the best night in his life or the absolute worst.  This was last night.
This is the first time I have attended an event like this.  They had 12 different fights of different weight classes and varying degrees of how they were allowed to fight, which style they were fighting in.  It was brutal to say the least.  One thing I noticed with the first few fights between less experienced fighters.  In spite of all the training, conditioning, and getting ready for the fight as soon as someone landed a punch it was quickly reduced to what I remember from school yard fights or fights in the streets.  All of a sudden the dancing and foot work goes out the window and the guys are ducking, swinging wildly, kicking, and as soon as they could grab each other it went to the mat and became a wrestling match in which you allowed to punch the other guy during the match.
Watching my friend and co-worker fight was scary, and when he started bleeding I was seriously worried for him.  Of all the fights only one guy tapped out, the rest fought their hardest until all three rounds were done and then it was up to the judges to decide.  My friend's match was a split decision and the match was awarded to him.  He never gave up and had good and bad moments throughout the fight.  I am positive he has some injuries as a reminder of his valiant fight.  I was a good night for him, he was declared the winner!
I have to admit I don't understand what possess a man to want to intentionally climb in ring and go through something like that.  I'm Scottish, and like the Irish we love to fight, but I have reached an age that unless it is a direct threat to me, my family, or close friend I am not going to fight.  Maybe that is why the wars are fought with the younger men, who still think they are invincible.  It pained and worried me seeing my friend getting hit, choked, and fight.  He fought valiantly!  It was something he wanted to do and he did it.  No Regrets, and I understand that perfectly.  It's something we all have to contend with and deal with throughout our life.  Do it while you can so when, God willing, you're sitting on the porch swing with your grandkids on your knee, you will have no regrets.
Just like we will never understand the things our parents and grandparents endured, our children will never understand that we too had our days of glory, we were once invincible and lived our lives to the fullest.  Only those who don't try, who do not attempt, who do not get into that ring, they will be filled with regret of a life not lived when it is too late to do anything about it.
Scott Cutbirth, I am proud to call you my friend, Congrats, No Regrets!  That was a very brave and courageous thing to do to prove something to yourself!


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