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Thursday, October 13, 2011

On this Day in History

On October 13th,
1775  The Continental Congress passed a resolution creating the Continental Navy.  This was the later grew into our current United States Navy.  Happy Birthday to the NAVY!!
1792  The corner stone of the White House was laid in the Nations new Capital.  Washington was in Philadelphia at the time and never lived in the White House.  At the time it was known as "The Presidents House", the first public building to be erected in Washington.  Completed in 1800, John Adams and his wife Abigail became its first residents and lived there less than a year.  In 1801, Thomas Jefferson, the nation's third President moved in.
1925  Margaret Thatcher was born.  She is best known for her time as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1979 – 1990.  She was the first and only female Prime Minister.
1941  Paul Simon was born.  American songwriter and musician.
1960  Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy had their third televised debate.
1983  Ameritech Mobile Communications LLC, provides Cellular Mobile Phone services to general public in Chicago.  The first mobile phone service for public use in the United States.
2010  Possibly a UFO seen over New York City!!  There seems to be conflicting reports concerning this reporting, but there always are with stuff of this nature.  SSSHHH  They might be reading this over your shoulder.  Oh I forgot they are monitoring everything you do on your computer, cell phone, and have cameras behind the mirror of your bathroom.
I apologize for my sarcastic comments here and now.  I also am not liable for all the mirrors being ripped off bathroom walls across America looking for cameras!
The cameras are hidden in those special plugs you have to install in bathrooms, that's how they power them!
I can't stop it!  The sarcasm over rides my good judgment every time!


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