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Monday, October 10, 2011

Suppression of Technology

I've heard it said that mankind's Technology has outpaced our humanity.  This may be so!  But until our technology can outpace people's need for greed, we are going to stay mired in the muck!
I read a book called "Sun Power" written by a guy who was transferred from a government position associated with Boeing and NASA in the 1970's and assigned to this team that was working on a solar power plan for the future powering of America on solar power.  Their idea was to put giant solar cell arrays in space in geosynchronous orbits and using a technology developed in the 1950's to piggy back power transmission on a radio signal.  The power would be recollected through a grid on the ground at a power receiving station positioned under the array.  These solar collecting stations would be positioned on the ground and for more than 90 percent of the time would be able to continually provide solar power directly to these collecting stations.
One of the guys in the group who didn't think it would work ran the numbers on it in order to disprove the entire idea found out these stations would produce power on the magnitude that current nuclear power plants do but using entirely clean solar power.  This group progressed to the point where they were prepared to go to Congress to get the funding to start putting the solar arrays in space the same year that the Reagan Administration consolidated all the different energy departments together into the Department Of Energy.  Once everybody was part of the same group and the coal people and fuel people saw what the solar power people were ready to put into action, this group was disbanded and everybody involved with it was fired.
By this time now the coal mining industry in this country would be shut down, because cities would be using solar power to power their homes instead of still burning coal to generate it.  Oh and the price per kilowatt would have dropped to what it was around the 1950's.  Cleaner and cheaper - Heaven forbid!
A guy named Tesla once lit up 22 miles of street lighting without wires connecting the lights.  The wires hadn't been installed yet, but the lights and poles had been installed.  He had the technology to send power through the air safely and we could redesign all of our appliances without power cords and they would just use the power transmitted through the air.  Later in life he had the grandiose plan to build just that and provide free power for everyone in the country!  Free Electricity!  They (and we all know who they are) shut him down and he ended up penniless when he died!  Why as a society we don't come up with a plan to drag (they) into the street and beat their asses I don't understand.
Another guy which I have a video of, it was covered by television news crews in the 70's, drove his dune buggy with a modified Volkswagen engine from California to New York on 32 gallons of water!  It was completely environmentally clean!  The guy is dead, died as the result of an accident shortly after his car got national attention.
The guy who came up with the hydrogen cell car that could run a car and leaks clean pure water, No Exhaust, doesn't use gasoline what-so-ever is dead also.  There is even an entire website devoted to how it is not a conspiracy about his being dead along with the list of other people who have invented the same things.
The guy in the 70's who came up with the carburetor that would give a traditional 70's style car 90 miles to the gallon sold his carburetor and it was never heard of again, and it's still protected by patents, so it can't legally be reinvented without at least ending up in court, but when you realize bullets are cheaper and the list of accidents associated with anything that threatens to free consumers from the high gas prices that seem to only get higher when the price per barrel goes up but never drops back down when the price per barrel drops.  Well you can figure it out.  They realize we have to buy the gas and they don't need to drop it when the price per barrel drops, because we can't.  By the way they are dancing in their offices singing Ka Ching!  Ka Ching!  While we spend more of our hard earned money on their fuel for our cars, because they are right we have to.  What other alternative do we have?
Anti-gravity technology is not only being suppressed, it still in the secret labs and anything associated with it disappears or has accidents.  Anything that challenges the status quo and would save us money, free us from buying gas or energy.  Then even our current administration giving money in the name of solar research for solar power for the money to be stolen, pilfered, and redirected to other political campaigns while it destroys public confidence in clean and green power at the same time.  Double Whammy!  We buy it!  We put up with up!  We re-elect the same old crooks and their gangs backed by the same lobby groups and large money hungry companies.  It ultimately is our fault!  Our society allows itself to be manhandled, beguiled, and exploited over and over again.
I truly would love to see somebody figure this technology out and spread it so far and wide over the internet and school science fairs that it can't be suppressed!  Have multiple manufacturing plants building the parts that ordinary people could buy and put together in their garages to make clean and green cars that don't run on gasoline!  A grass roots movement that goes around, side stepping the government, oil companies, coal companies, and auto makers.  Maybe the people (US) could gang together to create a power coop to put solar cells arrays in space, outside of the influence of governments and utility companies, and then transmit said power through the air.  Let small companies rebuild every appliance we have and use, eliminating the need for batteries and power cords, so they will run off electricity being put freely into the atmosphere by the peoples coop free green power stations.
Now wouldn't that be a real way to get them (They) back, right where they live, in the pocket book.  Instead of Free Love of the Sixty's we would have Free Power for our children's generation.  Of course I would love to see politicians get grade cards from the constituents in their areas, and if they don't make the grade, based off living conditions, standard of living, crime rates, and then they would not be eligible for government service any longer.  Get rid of the Electoral College and have people vote the way we do for American Idol, The Voice, or one of these TV shows, but part of the computerized version of this system would have to be authenticated through the IRS and only those who are valid TAX PAYING citizens votes would count!  If you're on government assistance, you don't pay taxes, haven't paid taxes, or had no tax liability what so ever, your vote doesn't count!  That would be FAIR!
Maybe I have gone too far.  Keep in mind I am a science fiction writer, and this is exactly what this is science fiction.  It is not real, could never happen, and the suppression of technology is a figment of my wild and crazy imagination.  Have a blessed day and remember to make a difference and Vote.


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