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Monday, October 31, 2011

Origins of Trick or Treat

Souling as it was called, was a late mid-evil practice when poor folk would go door to door on Hollowmas (November 1st), receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on 'All Saints Day' (November 2nd), which originated in Ireland and Great Britain.  Similar practices were found to exist as far south as Italy.
Later it became known as Guising, where children disguised in costumes would go door to door for food or coins.  This was recorded in Scotland in 1895 were masqueraders in disguise carrying lanterns made of scooped out turnips visited homes to be rewarded with cakes, fruit or money.
By the 1950's, Trick or Treat was a customary tradition throughout the United States.  These days it is prevalent custom on Halloween (October 31st ) in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland.
In Mexico the children say "May I have a little skull?"  In which case candies made of sugar or chocolate are rewarded to the children.
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