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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Love Story

My first novel, "WHISPER", what I thought was a Science Fiction Action Adventure Novel, appears to actually be a LOVE STORY!
Yes, there is a guy and he meets a girl, but I never dreamed when I wrote the book that most people's impressions would be it is a Love Story.
I have realized that all of the questions, remarks, and comments have been about Wiley and Lisa, which frankly really caught me off guard because it is such a small part of a much bigger adventure.  It only goes to show how naive and immature I am as an Author, that I wasn't able to accurately classify my own book to reader's interpretation of it.
I am glad it is selling, as I have done absolutely no promotion or advertising.  It is my first novel, and has received good, better than deserved, ratings from those who have read it.  It will always be my first and worst book.
The original plan was to publish subsequent books which would be in the past covering Wiley's previous missions in the Navy.  Because of the feedback from those who have actually read Whisper and that all the comments and questions concern Wiley and Lisa, the Sequel will pick up where Whisper leaves off and continue the adventure with Wiley and Lisa.  It will subsequently also tell the story of Wiley's specialized training and his first command, a submersible Aircraft Carrier.  I am feverishly working to bring it together in published form in 2012.
For those who have not read my Love Story yet, please check it out.  It is available as an e-book on Smashwords dot com and Amazon, and through various e-book sites such as Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo.  Also available as a paperback through Amazon or Createspace.
Just search for Whisper by Thomas Wilson, it's the book with the picture of the ship on the cover.
Note to Authors:  Research intended Titles for story!  I didn't!  I didn't realize until I E-published the book and friends, family and people from church were searching for my book online and there is a gay porn book with the title of Whisper by some other author.  You can only imagine the embarrassing questions I got in response to the people who looked up the wrong book and thought I wrote the other one.
Also for AVID Readers, who have read Whisper, please read the previous post and consider inquiring about becoming a Beta Reader and get a sneak peak at SAC Submersible Aircraft Carrier, the sequel to Whisper.


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