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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apple Expansion in Europe & Loss of an Icon

Apple has expanded its reach with Smashwords Indie Books
Apple this week dramatically expanded the international reach of Smashwords ebooks by distributing SMASHWORDS  catalog to 26 new iBookstores across Europe and Scandinavia.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.
So if you live in one of these countries please look for my books at your new Apple iBookstores!
Whisper   By Thomas Wilson
The crew of the USS Whisper tries to get back to their rightful place in time after accidently being sent into the past over 200 years while testing a device to make the ship invisible. Captain Wiley Randolph and his crew fight against time, a 200-year old frigate, a Japanese Zero, and a German Wolf Pack of submarines.
No Rules Of Engagement   By Thomas Wilson
For eight year old orphan, Alexander Hawk, the question, "Is there other Intelligent life in the Universe?" has been answered with a resounding YES!
Plucked from a correctional facility for boys because of a test he never even finished, Alexander is sent to train for combat against an alien race of Alligators which is attacking another group of aliens, the Macktonics, who have allied with United States in return for advanced technology.
The United States' gathers an army of children so they will arrive at the perfect age for fighting. Alexander faces grueling training exercises as he struggles to rise to the challenge of preparing to save the placid Macktonic alien civilization from pending attack. Before his training is complete he comes face to face with the enemy. Alexander becomes student and teacher as they square off against a superior aggressor. Traveling through time portals crossing time and space to gain intelligence, and ultimately to hunt down their foe before they attack the Macktonics.

I wrote this the day before when I received the blog post from Smashwords concerning this great expansion.  Then later the same day the word came out about Steven Jobs passing.
Steve Jobs gets to continue the great adventure into the great unknown every person faces, death, and the life beyond.  I know the world has differing beliefs about the continuation of the spirit and the journey of life and beyond.  I would never want to push my beliefs on other people.
Suffice to say Steven Jobs did what most people aspire to do during their life.  He did change the world in many ways, and has left a legacy which will live one and forever be connected with him and his name.  As far as the afterlife, with Steven getting there before the rest of us, we know we will have all the wonderful gifts waiting for us that we have grown accustomed to, the ipod, the iphone, the ipad, and Mac Computers.  Micro-soft will always be second in Heaven!  Steven got there First!  I find it ironic that the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, the forbidden fruit, was the symbol of his great enterprise, the Apple!


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