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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three New Followers

Finally after months I do have three new followers to our group, if you're following you're part of my group!
Hopefully my posts are slightly educational, not too sarcastic, and at least worth your time to drop by and read.  Maybe at least something different.

I want to Thank Manju M, Big Phil Parry, and Amy for following along with us.

Manju M is in Banking, a fellow Blogger, and from somewhere areound India. 
Big Phil Parry has a Blog Site and is a fellow author.
Amy is from Australia, is a bookaholic, and a Book Reviewer!

Thank You again for everybody who is following along.  Even if you don't drop by every day it is nice to know that somebody is reading my stuff, that in some way I spark interests in things, promote world peace, better living conditions for the world, teach, and maybe make you laugh.


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