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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dragons and Aliens

All last week I did posts about colonizing Mars, colonies, and aliens.  One thing I thought about was Dragons!  They are found in the ancient tales and glyphs of just about every culture from way back.  In the Central America’s, North American Indians, all throughout Northern Europe, and from many different parts of the Asia including China.
How is it that some many cultures with no known contact with each other all came up with the same mythical beast which we have yet to find archeological evidence of ever existing?  Is this just one really big Coincidence?
Or did they exist!  They came here from another world and messed with our ancient ancestors and then left.  Could they have been aliens?
They are usually all described with the same attributes only the artists depictions differ.  They had wings and could fly.  They were very large, at least much bigger than men.  They reportedly blew fire out of the mouths.  They were usually depicted as having claws on the fore and hind legs.  Generally they had very long tales which could be lashed about to cause damage.  It’s amazing that not one fossil record of such a beast has been found, or not one fossilized egg.

In the sequel to “No Rules Of Engagement” I introduce a new team of bad guy aliens.  Dragons!  They communicate telepathically amongst themselves.  Extremely intelligent and what one knows they all know!  They share their thoughts, feelings telepathically as their form of communicating with each other.  They can invade the minds of the humans and Gators if they are close enough.  They can literally rape your mind, reviewing your memories, feelings, and thoughts.  They can control motor functions to a point.  Moreover they can cause humans or Gators to do their bidding by making them think that’s what they want to do.  They know your desires and fears; they can manipulate your base emotions to their ends.  Needless to say they are a scary, ferocious, and daunting new enemy.
I occasionally read fantasy books and thought it was time in a Science Fiction Book to have Dragons that aren’t quite so user friendly and kind to humans!
If you rush to check out “No Rules Of Engagement” – keep in mind I know it is in some need of some further editing.  I will be getting to that and have the newer and improved version out by July.  So if some editing errors don’t give you a hemorrhage, you might try getting it now and read it before the Sequel with the Dragons comes out towards the end of the year.
Right now it is only .99 cents on Amazon for the Kindle and Smashwords for your other favorite E-readers.
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