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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Research for Books

I thought it might be interesting for budding authors and readers to get an idea of some of the research tidbits I needed to research and look up for my third book “Leviathan Deterrent” and my fourth book which will be the sequel to “No Rules Of Engagement.”  You never know where the research is going to take you.  Sometimes it determines parts of the story and sometimes the story determines the path of the research.
For those who have read “No Rules Of Engagement” you would have read about the fuzzies cocooning themselves if they are not eaten by the Gators within a certain amount of time.  I researched all about the myriad of insects in which cocoons are part of their evolutionary process.  I researched the reasons why they cocoon, their defensive mechanisms while cocooned, and discovered the many extreme transformations which occur within these creatures.  In this case I already knew what I wanted to come out of the cocoons and the symbiotic relationship between what comes out and Gators.  I just wanted to get the terminology correct in case any of my readers happen to be experts in entomology.
For “Whisper” my first book, I researched ships, missiles used on them, torpedoes, how fast torpedoes travel, what range they have, and it took an awful of planning for the part where the wolf pack is bearing down on the Whisper.  I had to learn about German wolf packs, firing strategies with torpedoes, attacks plans they used in World War II.
For “Leviathan Deterrent” which will be my next book released and is the sequel to “Whisper” I had to learn about nuclear ballistic submarines, modern day aircraft carriers, more research on weapon systems that were in use by the United States Navy up to 1987, as that is when Wiley’s run in cruise with the Poseidon took place.  I researched sea planes and found out all about the Grumman Goose and its many variations.
Since Wiley and Lisa get married between "Whisper" and "Leviathan Deterrent" and are taking off on their honey moon I need to research about Hotels, Restaurants and things to see and do in London, Paris, Madrid, Venice, and Rome.  I am sure Google thinks I am planning a trip to Europe.  Also a television show about the history and development of the aircraft years ago was the seed that started me thinking about a submersible aircraft carrier.  Later I learned that the United States Navy has used submersible aircraft carriers as part of their war games scenarios for the past twenty years even though such a ship doesn’t exist.  Later while researching specific aspects of aircraft carriers I learned that many countries have built and used submersible aircraft carriers since World War I, predominantly the Japanese.
Usually I will see or read something that doesn’t quite add up right or that peaks my curiosity so I’ll jot down a note about it and when I get spare moments, I’ll check into it further and sometimes with enough research and enough interesting stuff it might lead to a good story.  I know that for each book I have tons of material that I have looked up, read about, checked into, and researched.  I try to make my books historically accurate, and detail accurate except for the stuff that is just make believe and was dreamed up entirely by me.  If I have done my job correctly it should difficult to pick out what stuff is real and accurate and what stuff is pure fantasy.
One of these days I am going to do a story of an entirely new world, with new people, different means of travel, and completely foreign ways of doing everything.  Entirely make believe and all 100 percent made up and described out of the pictures my muse congers up in my head.


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