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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What if I won the Lottery?

I have mentioned in several of my posts about finding your passion.  I talk to people all the time who don’t know what they would like to do – if they could do anything they want to.  The main question is what would you do naturally whether you were paid to do it or not?  It dawned on me of a way for people who don’t know what their passion may be to possibly find out.
Imagine if you won the lottery!
Not just the million dollar variety but one of the multiple millions type that would provide the means to do what ever you heart desired.  Outside of the dream house, exotic cars, and the multitude of materialistic things you could purchase with the money, what would you do?  I know many people would say they wouldn't ever work again and life would just begin to be a never ending party, an extended vacation that never ends.  If you thought about the fact that if money was no object what would you enjoy doing – working at, creating, building, then you may start to figure out what your passion might be.
To give you an example and to help those who may be willing to play along and maybe along the way they may stumble upon what their passion in life may really be.  Over the next several posts I will explore some ideas of things I would try and accomplish, that I would work at if money was no object and I could do what ever I wanted.  Disregarding education, or where you would have to live, if you could do anything you wanted, what would that be?
I have found my passion and it is writing action adventure novels.  Every decision I make, all my planning day in and day out is to get me from where I currently at to where I wish to be at some point in the future.  I would like a slightly bigger house, with a ground floor office with book cases, a grand desk, a tranquil yet classic timeless place in which to spend all my free time writing my books until I meet the inevitable end that we shall ultimately reach.  I want a swimming pool out side across the patio from my office so I can relax in the water or gently exercise in the water.  If I were to be an animal it would be an otter as I love to play in the water.
Before I found my passion I have had many ideas from building a manufacturing company, to building large airships, designing and building robots, building recreational motorized vehicles and even building an interactive simulation war game for teams of players to play in a virtual environment that could eventually be linked between floors of varied fighting craft to buildings full of players combating teams in other cities or countries who are manning similar simulators in other buildings.

So think about what would you do if you won the lottery?  What kind of company would you start?  What work would you do if you got to design your dream job?  Believe me when I say if you are not sure, by playing along and figuring this out, or at least getting some semblance of an idea of what you might really want to do, can be life changing.  It can open whole vistas of possibilities and opportunities you can not begin to imagine.  Think about IT !
Maybe leave a comment?  Ask a question?  My next post will be exploring one of my ideas and the company I would create and run.  Some posts will be about ideas I have thought about concerning programs and opportunities I would create inside these companies.  Basically my blue print for creating an empire and a new type of corporation if I could do what ever I wanted.  It is a liberating, and eye opening game to play if your not inclined to being greedy, selfish, over materialistic or lazy.


A M Jenner said...

First I would build a house where my multi-generaltional family would have enough room to live without tripping on each other. Yes, I know that you said beyond the housing thing, but that would still be first.

I would donate quite a bit to charities for feeding and clothing the hungry, for helping people in third world countries get an education, and some would go to my church for supporting missionaries who want to serve but can't afford it.

I would work in my nice home office, writing and publishing books in multiple genres. I would probably hire a marketing firm, because I know my books are good, and just really need more exposure.

As a matter of fact, these are the plans I have when my books do get noticed, and start selling.

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