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Monday, June 4, 2012

Colonizing Mars and Space Travel

Recently a group of private investors have come up with a plan to send several missions to the Planet Mars.  Mankind for the first time since the early seventies will be exploring space beyond just above our atmosphere.  In the early seventies mankind, (The United States and the Soviet Union,) finished the last of the Lunar expeditions.
This new group is going to be international in scope and privately ran and funded, so there shouldn’t be any governmental influences getting in the way.  The first mission will be to deliver a large rover to drive around and find the ideal spot for the colony.  The next missions will be pods with supplies.  Later missions will include another rover which will be designed to assemble the pods into a habitat for the first colony members.  Then will come the first humans to not just visit but to spend their final days on the planet.  They plan to have people there and living on the red planet by 2023.  Very ambitious goals to say the least.

I have done several posts about time travel, because I love the idea of it.  My first and second novels each which are starts to two different series both include aspects of time travel.  From my limited understanding of quantum physics I know that time, mass, distance, speed, and space are all part of the same equation.  I understand there is a lot more to it mathematically than what I intend to impart here.  I also understand that with mathematics when you adjust one variable in an equation it affects the other variables within the equation.  So by adjusting the speed you also change the time, mass and the distance.  By affecting the mass and time you can in effect change the distance.  I didn’t mention gravity in this because I believe gravity is a resultant of the other vectors caused by the warping of space as matter moves through it over time.  I don’t believe it is one of the actual working variables of the correct equations one would attempt to manipulate.
One note I want to make here is that by affecting the gravity of an object it doesn’t affect the actual mass of the object but it does change other variables affecting the object within time space which might be part of the key to achieving the desired ends.  I.E. if you nullify the effects of gravity it would take much less energy to propel the object to a specified speed because it isn’t fighting the resultant forces of gravity within that specified area.  Just a thought.
The reason I mention all this is by becoming familiar with this interaction and being able to manipulate the different aspects of the right equations we could achieve possible results like flying through vast areas of space with virtually no loss in time as we perceive it, making it possible to visit faraway places repeatedly in our normal life span.  We may be able to achieve near the speed of light with a ship that could carry people or supplies, or even possibly come up with the magical equation that jumps areas in multiples of the speed of light.
When private enterprises get to the point where Aerospace companies are building ships for outer space with the special abilities in regards to moving through space or across vast distances very quickly then colonies could be set up in different places for resource recovery and collection.  Shipping companies would be building and running ships between the colonies hauling people and supplies to the colonies and bring back natural resources on the return trips.
This in effect would be creating an ongoing time travel system.  The people traveling to these colonies at near the speed of light or at multiples of light speed would age slower than those of us left behind here on Earth.  While they would be able to travel and work and even return in their own lifetime the people they knew here on Earth would be long gone by the time they returned.  They would have effectively traveled into Earth’s future.  So much so that it could produce a scenario where a ship that left Earth unloaded its cargo, reloaded and returned to Earth could have an outdated ship that would be in need of an entire refit with newer and better technology upon its return to Earth.  It should be a very exciting time to live in and travel about in.  I know this sounds preposterous but I also remember seeing a newspaper clipping describing how with these new horseless carriages we wouldn’t be able to get much faster than thirty miles per hour because we wouldn’t be able to breathe in them.  They said the sound barrier was impossible to break.
Since the dawn of time man has wanted to conquer the skies like the birds and in the beginning of the 1900’s we did.  Look how far we have come since then.  The only thing that will limit our growth as a species technologically and geographically is our own ignorance and inability to work towards achieving the dreams of people who dare to attempt the impossible!
“Impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools.” - - Napoleon Bonaparte.


Marketing Gurl said...

I dunno. As cool as time travel would also seems dangerous. Didn't you watch Back to the Future... ;-) Great post!

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