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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Obviously everyone doesn’t own a Kindle in spite of Amazon’s best efforts to monopolize the E-Book Market.
That doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage of the multitude of FREE books offered everyday on Amazon!
The Kindle AP can be downloaded for FREE to your phone, computer, or favorite pad product and then you can read the FREE books offered at Amazon dot com.
Start your Kindle Library today with my first novel, “WHISPER
Whisper -- Kindle Bestseller

Praise for Whisper:

"The concept of presented within the book– a new technology being created that can in a sense make people and objects invisible for a given set time and also transport an object or person to another time period–is pretty darn awesome! The author did a wonderful job of explaining how such a technology could be created and work effectively. " -- A.C.

"Really interesting concept that kept me intrigued throughout." -- K.K.

** WARNING: Not for children or young teens. Contains mature language and situations. **

The crew of the USS Whisper must get back to their rightful place in time after accidentally transporting 200 years into the past while testing a device to make the ship invisible. Captain Wiley Randolph and his crew fight against time, a 200 year old frigate, a Japanese Zero, and a German Wolf Pack of submarines to get home safely.

Great gift for dad. Guy gift for the holidays!
Which is FREE Today and Tomorrow, just in time to enjoy for the start of summer!


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