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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color Research Is Grey Hot?

As a rather new author who is refining his skills as a storyteller, I pay attention to how other authors write.  What they write about.  Their style of writing.  What people are reading?  Which author is the latest craze and fascination in the literary arena this season and why?
Once in a while books come along that start such a stir that even people who don’t normally read will pick up a book and read it.  I found it amazing that people are lending their E-readers to friends who don’t have one in order to read such books.  When I hear of stories that reach beyond the normal group of committed everyday readers and pulls in the occasional readers and even garners the attention of those who don’t read a book I get interested no matter what the Genre.

So when my wife got excited about a recent book and burned right through it being a very occasional reader who hasn’t read any of my books or work, of course I paid attention.  I'm sure there are many men across the country who are enjoy the benefits of this newest literary sensation without the slightest reason why their love life is getting just as hot as this summer has been across the United States.  As I have stated before all great authors are very definitely avid readers as the only thing more exciting to us than reading a great book is when we are writing our next potential masterpiece.  So yes I am reading the book – shades of Grey.
My wife finished all three of them already.  I am enjoying the fact that we can now discuss elements of a book she has read and I am currently reading.  Upon beginning the book I felt compelled to write about aspects of it as I find elements of it and why it is so popular extremely intriguing.  I read a blog post from a gentleman whose blog I follow yesterday where he referred to the book jokingly as ‘Mommy Porn.’  This is delicate ground to tread because where one person might view it as extremely bad or filthy, it is just a book, and I support total 150% freedom of literary expression.  If you’re offended by it, don’t read it.  I don’t judge any books as bad.  There are many I don’t agree with but feel it is important to read them anyway to be informed and educated (Mein Kampf falls into this category.)  I would never be in favor of banning or burning books or any form of literary censorship, ANY!!
It is our right as we have and are paying the price for Adam and Eve partaking of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” to explore, learn and educate ourselves.  We are creatures of God made in his likeness.  I have been attacked and criticized for posting pictures of half naked woman on Pinterest and even been accused of having a problem with pornography.  I don’t have a problem with pornography or the sight of women clothed, unclothed or all the variations in between.  I consider it healthy to appreciate the beauty of human beings.  For what it’s worth I re-pinned all of those pictures from other woman’s boards, and I certainly don’t judge or condemn any of them for appreciating the beauty of other women!
I am enjoying the interaction and discussions that my wife and I have shared in regards to the book I am discussing.  I doubt I’ll ever write anything like this but pray I write something that causes just as big of stir in the literary world.
I find the subject matter of the book and that it appeals to so many people somewhat baffling, amazing, and enlightening.  It reminds me of a survey I read in woman’s magazine once that 70% of woman have wondered what it would be like to be with another woman.  Just like nobody ever reads or watches porn and yet it is such a huge industry.  Romance novels are okay but how many of them cross that line, who decides where the line is.  As I say I don’t judge because we were designed and destined to look the way we look.  It is natural to be attracted to others.  We are sexual and sensual creatures by nature.
For those who have read the book in question I am mostly surprised at what I hear people saying about it.  That woman desire other men, their men, or fantasize about what Mr. Grey does to Anastasia, and him doing it to them!  Is the number 70% of woman who desires this kind of interaction or is the number higher than that?  My guess from what I hear is that the number is much higher.  I wonder how many men will read this book just to see what the buzz is all about or what caused the spikes of temperature and passion in their relationships.
I further wonder if more men will be wearing ties in the near future and how many of those will be grey?  Not that I follow the fashion industry at all, but my analytical mind can’t help but wonder if the colors of fashions in the near future will involve more grey tones.
The book certainly has caused a stir, sold countless numbers books and turned one mommy writer into a household name this season.  2012 will certainly be remembered for years to come as one of the hottest summers in history and for more than just the hot climate.  Excellent Job, E. L. James, you have done what every writer dreams of doing with your very first books.  As we wonder why Mr. Grey is the way he is we all have to wonder where your stories are coming from.  I am not judging in the slightest, I am enjoying the book immensely and the sharing the adventure which is reading with my wife.  Thank you for being brave enough to write such insightful and enlightening books.
"Quit bitting your lip."


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Wendy said...

Great post! I haven't read the 50 Shades series, but I'm sure I will eventually.

Candace said...

I loved the 3 Fifty books, they sucked me in!

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