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Friday, June 8, 2012

Alien Contact

All week I have been doing posts about aspects of colonizing Mars, or other planets.  Anybody who is a fan of Science Fiction would know immediately the possible threats dreamed up by writers and then later modeled and brought to life by television or the movies.  As I have said many times, Fiction pales to real life experiences.  I would be terribly afraid of flying across the galaxy to explore or colonize new worlds for fear of what we may find there or along the way.

Through the years of Science Fiction aliens have taken many forms from Alf to Tribbles, or the more common not so friendly versions such as the creatures from the Alien or Predator movies.  I know I will never forget the scene from the first Alien movie where the creature comes out of the guy’s stomach during breakfast.

Even in the story War of the Worlds the aliens are undone by bacteria or a virus from us. What unseen microbes could be floating around in strange new atmospheres? I even considered the myriad of animals, insects, and plants on this planet that have deadly means of protecting themselves and it makes me shudder to think of what strange new things we haven’t imagined that could exist elsewhere. All the time real things happen that make the creative efforts of writers seem tame by comparison. I am afraid the true life stories to be lived out once we leave this planet may make our favorite Sci-Fi movies seem boring and dull.

It has amused me over the forty some years I have been around whenever I hear of efforts to find other forms of life in the universe.  We can’t get off this planet effectively without monumental effort at this point.  We can’t get through a day without hundreds to thousands of people killing each other somewhere around the globe.  In major cities of the United States alone nobody blinks an eye as a murder is reported on the news during any given day.  Hell, the majority of our society is too dumb to realize the inherent danger of attempting to text and drive at the same time.

With our limited understanding and intelligence I wouldn’t be in such a hell fire rush to find other forms of life.  Chances are they will be able to kick our asses easily if they wanted to.  If they have the means to get from where they live to here they are already much more advanced and intelligent than we are.  It would be moronic to assume they would naturally be peaceful and not armed to the gills.
How does the saying go?  “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!”
Earth is a nice place.  Humans have been beating themselves up since the dawn of time to just call a piece of it their own.  Why wouldn’t aliens enjoy this nice planet also?  They might especially like that this planet is full of so many beings, well suited to work, which might be enslaved to do their bidding and work for them.  I would be afraid to discover aliens here or anywhere else until we know we are ready and prepared.  Part of that would be the realization that we are all part of the same species.  We really should find a way to take care of our own species (everybody), how govern ourselves, and increase the overall education, understanding and knowledge level of the species across the entire planet.  Part of the problem with this is the many subgroups which are closed minded and don’t want to learn or share in the information available.
So as far as colonization goes part of me is excited and can’t wait for humans to branch out into space.  Part of me thinks working towards the goal of a unified Earth where we take care of our across the globe might be a more intelligent first step.  Of course with that train of thought we may never get off the planet!
Education and communication are major keys to this goal.  Since the Tower of Babel this is the first time humans can all communicate with each without regards to language through the Internet!  Blogs, Forums, Social sites are all means of sharing, learning, and communicating with each other.  When the people of the world are tired of the status quo and wars it will stop if we all work together for the common good.  Until the governments shut of the NET!


Bill Davis said...

The wonders of the internet notwithstanding, all humans cannot yet communicate (most don't HAVE internet, for one thing) "without regards to language," because even for those with access to the internet, the lack of a shared language hinders or even blocks communication.

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