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Friday, June 15, 2012

Finished Rough Draft Book 3

Last night while my wife was having a party with her girlfriends I finished the rough draft of my third book.  It is officially off to the editors!
It is a very satisfied feeling finishing you rough draft.  I know now with this being my third book it is still a long ways from being finished, over, put to bed, and completed.  As I await the corrections of my second novel which will make editing round number three of it, I realize it takes a long time to actually complete a book.  With my deficiencies in English, I will only be as good as my editor.
It’s the sequel to “WHISPER.”

“Leviathan Deterrent” is written.  Now it just needs cleaned up to make me look like I’m not a third grader at a keyboard with a very vivid imagination.  We still need to come up with cover art for the book, it needs the corrections made when it comes back from editing, formatting for creating an E-book, and for paperback versions through Create a Space.
There will be plenty of work left to do, but none of that can really ever be done until the book is written.  I have read that 80% of people would love to write a book.  The number of people who ever actually sit down and do it is very small.  This is my third one finished.  The really nice part is before I started focusing on finishing this book I was working on book three and four at the same time.  I am already up through Chapter 17 of my fourth book so when I get back to it this coming week there is maybe only a quarter of the book to finish on it.  My fourth book is the sequel to “No Rules Of Engagement.”
“Leviathan Deterrent” picks up just after where the first book left off.  It covers part of Wiley and Lisa Randolph’s honeymoon as they travel from London, Paris, Madrid, Venice and Rome.  As those who have read my first two books know nothing goes as planned and shit happens.  As the rest of the crew from “Whisper” try to finish cleaning up the mess from that mission, after Wiley and Lisa’s wedding, all hell breaks loose as they realize someone has stolen Russell’s equipment from the lab in the basement of the Pentagon.  The eight Marines who packed and carted it all out are found dead and all the leads point to a dead man.  Hopefully the book will be released very shortly as I stated above there is still plenty of work to be done to make it readable.
If you haven’t read “Whisper” yet and are interested in picking it up mark your calendars for next week when it will be for free on Amazon Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Just in time for Daddy’s who got Kindles for Father’s Day looking to load it up with new exciting reads.


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