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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Martians originally came from Earth

We all remember the stories of colonizing the New World when European countries discovered the America’s (North and South America).  I remember reading about the colony’s that disappeared, the hardships the people endured, and the travesties committed by both sides between those that were already here and the invaders from abroad.

One nice thing about colonizing Mars would be that I don’t believe it is currently inhabited by any other beings.  By spreading mankind around the galaxy would further ensure our existence as a race, and Mars is a logical first step in that direction.  Ideally we would want to find planets of the type more similar to Earth with breathable atmospheres and tolerable temperatures that would allow agriculture, the proliferation of animals as well as our species.
Things I would worry about if I was involved with such a project as what the Dutch are proposing as far as the inhabitants staying there for the rest of their lives.  Would there be handicap facilities?  What happens when the colonists get too old to take care of themselves?  What kind of medical facilities will be there?  Will they be planning on the colonists reproducing within the colonies?  Will the new arrivals have proper medical facilities to care for them as they are born and the myriad of needs children have growing up as far as medical care?  Will there be schools for the education of the children?
Would the children ever have the opportunity to come back to Earth?  Would they be considered Martians?  What would their national origin be if they returned?  Would they get citizenship?  Would there be religion on Mars?  If so whose?  There are so many questions that I could go on for days?
In regards to procreation let me get too real for a second.  You’re locked for the most part in a colony; your choices for having sex are limited.  Say one really good looking woman has already chosen a mate but numerous other men desire her for themselves.  In time one of the others rapes the woman.  There is no court, no police force, and no jail?  How do the other colonists handle the situation?  If the colonists act as a jury and find the guy guilty what do they do?  How do they handle it?  Do they decide a death penalty?  Put the guy in an airlock without a space suit?  Do they perform an abortion on the woman if she ends up pregnant?  Or force her to have the other guy’s baby?  The child forced to grow up in a colony where everybody knows his father was a rapist, and he has to forever live with that feeling and being treated as some bastard child.
I know that was harsh but that is real life stuff.  People on Earth deal have to deal with this kind of stuff day in and day out.  I naturally think of this kind of stuff because I am a science fiction writer and that’s where I live; only normally it is just a story, not real.  Writing is make believe stuff, with make believe characters being drug through the same shit people have always dealt with which is why it connects and makes impressions with our readers.
In one of my upcoming posts I want to explore what it would take to make a colony self-sufficient in order to continue on its own without dying if the future shipments of stuff from earth stopped coming.  At what point does a colony become its own entity, self-governing, self-sufficient, and doesn’t have to answer to other countries or planets?  Then you get into what keeps another group from coming in after the expense and research has been expended to build a colony and get it up and running and taking it for themselves and their own designs and uses?
We’ll get into that some other time very soon.  The nice thing about study history is fiction pales to the stuff real people have done, attempted to do, or have desires to do.  With Science Fiction becoming real in some aspect as we prepare to leave our little and perpetually shrinking world it opens up vistas of stories unimaginable as we unleash what we refer to as humanity into the galaxy.  I’ve heard it said that our technology has outpaced our humanity.  Only time will tell how barbaric we humans really are.  One of the greatest things about being human is our willingness and ability to be so good and great it makes us weep and our same capacity for evil and horrible that also makes us weep.
I’ve studied a lot of history of mankind and the one constant is war and our inability to get along with ourselves.  I’ve said for years the one thing that will unite mankind and our species is when we find a common enemy not from this planet.  That will be the only thing that will pull us all together in one common cause beyond all our petty differences, and exploit our natural genetic tendency to fight!  I pray we don’t find them in my life time, because they might be able to beat us, besides what Hollywood has conditioned us to believe.
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