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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movies Reviews Vs. Book Reviews

I know how I feel when I get a one star review posted on one of my books. I realize it is just one person’s opinion of my writing, my story, and my work. For some reason the reader was not impressed, felt let down, disappointed or offended and felt so strongly about their feelings towards my work that they needed to share their feelings with the world.

Thankfully for every one star or two star review I have received there are almost three times as many four and five star reviews when you look at all the reviews from the many various sites at which a person may post a review. The fact that most people who have left reviews have loved my work keeps me going. I can see and have heard from those helping me bring my future books to market that my writing is getting much better, a work in progress. I pray that twenty years from now I am still improving as a writer and gaining more of a following.

On my way into work this morning I heard a review on the radio of a movie that is currently playing in a theater near you that was finished with them giving it a one star review.

I remember thinking ‘Oh, Wow.’ A one star for a movie reflects badly on the writing, the directing, the actors, and the company or companies which joined together to bring it to the screen. Even medium grade films of just under two hours still cost millions to produce and in many cases just hope to make a profit. Major motion pictures with elaborate sets, costumes, and big named actors cost much more, not to mention if you have to throw in the science and computer guys to do special effects, 3D, or computer generated graphics.

To get a one star review for a motion picture that is being spread via radio, television and the internet could be disastrous. It reflects badly on everybody involved with the project unless the review goes on to point out specific short comings. My one star reviews are one persons opinion. Of course so are my four and five star reviews. I only have two books published so far, with no formal writing background. My writing would equate to a homemade video in relation to motion pictures. That fact that I have any four and five star reviews so early in the process with only two books published, I find amazing! I really felt a solid three for either of them would be good, but as the writer I am very critical of my own work.

As writers we live at three, we’re doing good at fours, and shooting for the stars with fives! Your best judge of public opinion is going to be only after many and many reviews and look at the average rating of them altogether. Honestly, I know I am a work in progress. My goal when writing a book is to write something I would enjoy reading. Something that gives me that feeling you get when you are reading a great book the entire time I am writing it. I write to entertain. To take the reader somewhere they haven’t been before, teach them something along the way, and hopefully characters you fall in love with in spite of their short comings, and bad guys you hate with a vengeance.

Have a great day and hopefully you’re reading a great book. For the Writers who are following the blog I hope you’re writing a great book. For those of you who like Science Fiction military action adventure and want to try something new – try my book “No Rules Of Engagement.”

I think the title sums it up rather adequately.


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