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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Great Imagination VS. Spoiler Alert

They are re-releasing Titanic again for a limited time in a 3D Version on the big screen.

The Titanic SINKS! Seriously, the movie was based off of a real ship in history!
I know many of you are reading this and going, DAH!

Fortunately there is a group of people that don’t know the boat was real and that it really hit an iceberg and sank.

Remember the movie APOLLO 13 starring Tom Hanks, “Houston, We have a problem!”
Yeah, that one actually happened also.

Most people know this before going to see the movie, so I don’t feel too bad with posting the spoilers on my blog. Fortunately as with anything variety is the spice of life and for our benefit and mutual enjoyment we have all kinds – of variety in our lives.

I apologize for taking anything away from the great writers and wonderful imagination of Hollywood by exposing the fact that they didn’t dream up these wonderful stories. For most people Hollywood provides us a glimpse of what it must have been like to be aboard the Titanic before she sank and what it must have been like for the astronauts of Apollo 13 trying to get back home.


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