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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Comments, The Middle Finger, Thumping People

If you are a follower of my blog, you know I manage a Tire Wholesale Operation in the middle of the United States of America.  You probably read about my new chair and the comment somebody made to me about the chair.  I have been asked, “What did you say to the person who made the comment?” 

Nothing!  I just smiled as I continued to push the old one out of the office. 

I am not the typical manager, if there is even such an animal.  Managing and leadership are two completely different animals with different characteristics.  Sometimes they exist simultaneously which is good for the company and better for the employees.  Just as in good books and stuff you could consider using for toilet paper if the need arose, people can tell the difference no matter how hard it is to explain.  If it was easy there wouldn’t be so many books about how to do it right, and every book would be great and every manager would be a natural leader.  Alas, not all people and books are equal! 

Being a leader and a great author can both be learned though some can come by either of them naturally.  I know I am a much better leader and manager than I used to be and I am getting better as a writer with every chapter I finish and book I read by other authors.  I know what questions about style I have and then see what method my favorite authors use in their books.  I also pay attention to my feelings while I am reading and when I read something that changes the way I feel, causes anxiety, causes me to be curious, I back up and re-read it to see how the author created the situation. 

There are a few of my fellow employees that have been here long enough with me that they know they can freely flip me off, give me the middle finger and I will just smile about it.  I sometimes say, “Thank you, it’s nice to be noticed.”  This may sound strange and completely disrespectful, but it isn’t, it tends to have the opposite effect entirely.  I don’t think I am disrespected in the slightest by my crew, ever.  I remember some of the old jokes and think “Oh, that person thinks I am number one, or they are trying to show off by showing me their IQ.”  Either way, getting flipped off doesn’t piss me off in the slightest, not even on the road when someone is in such a hurry and I seem to be obstructing the path to being a considerate driver.  Hell if this was NASCAR what was I doing in front of you in the first place, I’m not even racing! 

Just like its common practice around here to slap someone up alongside the back of their head like they do on that show with Mark Harmon, but we been doing it for years.  I think they might have stolen that from us here.  Routinely someone will come by and call me a bitch under their breath and I’ll reply, “I prefer Cunt, thank you.”  Strictly because you can’t say that word anywhere else in society without getting in trouble for it, except on your own blog or where I work.  At the Kansas City branch of where I work there are no woman or else we wouldn’t have degraded to such a base manly cave like fashion with our day to day dealings with each other.  The woman’s restroom is the only one that isn’t completely trashed and looks like some scene out of a bad zombie movie.   The woman's restroom remains locked, and is strictly used by the General Manager and me as a Quasi Executive restroom slash store room. 

The freedoms I allow the guys, they enjoy.  Seriously, where do you know of that you can flip off the second in command of the place, a twenty year veteran of the company without fear of reprisal.  Probably only here!  They will miss me when I am gone. 

Speaking of being gone.  As life does nothing but roll by faster and faster as we age, I know the day will come when I will leave this fine company.  I look back to my days in the Army and if I knew the last time I was getting off a tank was going to be my last time of getting off a tank I would have savored the moment a bit more than I did.  I was young and naïve back then, I didn’t have a clue that in time I would cherish my memories of my time in the service.  I savor each and every day I have here, for I know one of them will be my last.  As my book sales slowly increase from month to month and with each chapter I write of each successive book to be published I know the time between now and leaving will be shorter than if I wasn’t an author.  No matter what you’re doing right now if you’re enjoying it or not, savor the moment.  The past is in the past, the future is not guaranteed or here yet, all we get are the moments!  Savor every one of them. 

Be a leader!  No matter what your position is in the place.  Make every moment count, and do everything, especially the little stuff, like it is the most important thing you had to ever do.  Treat each person you encounter as if they were the only reason you got out of bed today was to see them, share with them, and have that experience! 

May God Bless You!!  Have a Great Day.

Readers, I am working on the sequels, I don’t get impatient with my favorite authors anymore, now that I know what is involved in creating a book.

Writers, keep on writing, editing, the readers of the world are waiting and depending on you!

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