Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cussing and Swearing

I happen to cuss and swear every now again.  I hope I still have some blog followers after using the C word in my last blog.  I try daily to not cuss and to watch my mouth, especially around my boys. 

The place I work is entirely, at our location, crewed by men.  We have had numerous woman employees in the past who have held positions from office staff, order entry positions and several women who worked in the warehouse moving tires.  For the last couple of years we have had a hard time even finding men who want to really work.  The work has gotten harder and the pay has not increased at what would be considered a fair exchange to the increase in work and responsibility.  We have had to be much more selective with what few positions we have had openings for. 

Because of this hard assed testosterone overflowing environment, only the strongest of men survive.  If you are lazy, weak, thin skinned, or have a big mouth you can’t back up, you will not last long here.  We love attitude, if you can back it up!  It is because this place is the way it is that when I get agitated, upset, pissed off, that I run off at the mouth.  I can cuss bad enough to make a sailor blush.  I am not proud of it.  I am just stating a fact. 

As an author I have already sold out to public opinion and edited the majority of the cussing out of my books.  They are not cuss free but then neither is the world we live in.  I could write a book up holding nice Christian moral values with no cussing whatsoever, but how realistic would that be?  Not very.  I honestly feel the world is a lot crueler, darker and uglier place than I portray in my novels.  As an author though, we deal in words.  Our lives get to where we evaluate exactly how we word everything, how we describe stuff, the feelings we invoke with the words we use. 

Just as Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns!  Words are not bad, it is what people do with the words, the context they are used in, what is being said, that is bad!  This as with the guns is another reflection of our humanity, or our inhumanity to our fellow man.  So I have trouble attaching the same negative connotations and feelings to mere words, but rather what or how the words are being used.  Indiana Jones was a really PG character but I don’t think anyone could blame him when he gets caught in the middle of the rope bridge with a sword and bad guys closing in on both sides when he says “SHIT”. 

I am not such a PG type of guy.  The characters in my books are a bit more true to life than that.  As far as my humanity, I am American with strong Scottish roots.  My father was born in Scotland.  In the not too distant past my people were considered the European version of savages.  What most people aren’t aware of is that savage as the Scottish people are we are also and always have been very industrious and intelligent.  Just as in the movie Brave Heart with Mel Gibson, my father taught me to use my mind first and if that didn’t work then kick their ass.  As with a large part of Society in the world today, my social skills haven’t caught up with my other attributes yet. 

The F word started off in Europe and is an acronym for “Fortification Under Command of the King.”  These later became known as FUCK Proclamations, which everybody knew what it meant you were supposed to do for the benefit of the kingdom.  They needed to reproduce when yearly wars or battles with other countries would wipe out several hundred thousand men a year.  Their populations couldn't withstand prolonged campaigns and still maintain enough population to do the work and man the country.  It was years later when the Bible was taken out of the hands of the Roman Catholic Church and everyday people could read it for themselves that religion started splintering off into different sects and denominations.  Through this era of religious growth and dissemination public attitude turned on this word and other words which were considered “Not Appropriate.” 

Let’s be honest.  If the words were really wrong and bad, how is it they have lasted throughout the ages and survived to still be used to the utter horror of our society.  Used in public or in literature they still stir up scorn and disapproval, yet they remain!  They remain because they are just words that accurately portray part of our human condition.  There are situations that they accurately describe without equal.  These words demand the respect they deserve and only they can garner through their lowly status in our society.  Sometimes one or more of these words used in the correct situation have exactly the perfect effect.  I don’t mean to offend, but if you have read this far then seeing one or two examples of what I am writing about will completely make my case.  I do not endorse the use of cussing by children, but as with everything else in our world among adults if used properly and not breaking the law, then anything goes. 

Example One :  A woman holding a 40 caliber slim semi-automatic pistol at a man attempting to rape another woman.  She activates the slide of the weapon to chamber a round into the weapon as she states, “Freeze Mother Fucker!” 

Example Two : Even after years of faithful marriage to the same person sometimes you just don’t feel like making love.  I don’t care what I am doing if my wife leans over and says, “You want to just go fuck?”  I am there, no more communication needed beyond that. 

Example Three : When you step in a streaming pile of shit while wearing your favorite boots or shoes.  You know the only way you’re keeping those shoes is to clean them off and you’re going to have to do it.  You don’t want to wear them in the car, or into the house.  You proclaim, “Ahh  Shit!”  I’ll lay odds that’s where that one has its origins from. 

Class or rant dismissed.  I’ll try and clean it up and keep it clean, my mouth and my writing.  Words aren’t bad – they are just words.  Because from time to time I cuss or swear doesn’t mean I am a bad person.  Judge me for me; judge my writing by the content.

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