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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Detailed Day Dreaming

In writing the sequel to “Whisper,” Wiley and Lisa are taking a dream honeymoon around the world. Sorry if this turns out to be a spoiler to some degree but it is necessary to the understanding of this blog post. I also know that if you have read “Whisper” or “No Rules Of Engagement” you will know there is plenty of other stuff going on to still make it a great book in spite of the spoiler.

One of the fun parts of writing this book is imagining being able to travel around the world with no schedule, no rush, money is no object. The dream vacation, the ultimate honeymoon. I have learned so much from Alpha and Beta Cities, the top ten sites of each city, the history of the sites, populations, aspects of cultures from each of these different countries. Researching resaurants close to major sites in these cities.

On one hand it has been extremely extensive reseacrching all this information for my story, especially when most of the information won’t even make it into the book. My curiosity as a writer draws me into the multitude of stories behind these many places. My imagination allows me to create a story around these places using my characters.

In “Whisper,” Wiley is fifteen years older than Lisa. In my personal life I am sixteen years older than my wife. When researching writing I read somewhere that you should write what you know. So when it came to writing an extremely dynamic relationship between an older guy and a younger woman many aspects of their relationship comes from aspects of my relationship with my wife. I can’t help imagining if I ever make it really big as a writer and get blessed with the opportunity to travel how wonderful it would be to actually live out aspects of this awesome honeymoon trip.

I also enlisted my wifes help in researching these cities and looking for the unique things that would appeal to her as a woman for the times when Wiley asks Lisa what she might like to do in some of these cities. I thought that might add that touch of a woman's perspective to the story. It isn’t hard to imagine some of the special moments between Wiley and Lisa as all I have to do is imagine what it might be like to be there with my wonderful and amazing wife.

Soon a new and re-edited version of “Whisper” will be available to be downloaded. If you haven’t read it yet, make plans to do so before June or July as hopefully the sequel will be out by then. It isn’t as edge of your seat thrill ride as “Whisper” but all in all it is a great story.

By the way “Whisper” is available on Amazon for the Kindle and on Smashwords dot com for the other e-reader formats. It is available on Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, and Kobo through Smashwords distribution network.

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