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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My book is in Prison!

Many authors can post about their book being published. I did a post where my book made it into a library because of a connection I made with a High School Librarian who gets to purchase books for their school library. Today I was informed by one of my readers that a copy of my first book is on its way to Prisoner in a Correctional Facility in Clark County, Las Vegas.

A fan, reader, and Good Friend of mine, manages fighters for cage fighting. He ran across a guy who he would like to sign up to fight for his team as soon as the guy gets out of prison. My friend found him on Twitter where the gentleman in prison writes to somebody outside who is blogging about his experience while he is in jail. The guy in Prison who is on twitter not only goes by the name War Machine, he has legally changed his name to War Machine. I’ve read part of his blog posts, very explicit, not for all audiences. Adults Only! He mentioned in his blog that he was out of books so my friend the fighter manager, sent him a copy of my first book.

I am following him on twitter and told him I would send him a copy of my second book, which I will sign for him. Hell, it’s not every author that can boast about their work being in a prison. Plus if any of you have read my books they would make the perfect short term escape from reality, especially if that reality is a solitary confinement cell. If anybody is interested in following War Machine you can find him at @WarMachine170 on twitter, in reality he is in solitary confinement in Las Vegas.


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