Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Brave Soul In Italy

As anybody who is published on Amazon knows, last year they added four new markets in Europe.  Amazon DE for Germany, FR for France, ES for Spain, and IT for Italy.  Since they added these new markets I have mentioned them numerous times in past posts and for a while last year I even held a contest to see if France or Germany would be the first to purchase one of my books.
Yesterday some BRAVE soul in Italy purchased a copy of my second Sci-Fi Novel, “No Rules Of Engagement.”  I have done numerous post about it, the inspiration behind it, some of the characters in the book.  I wish I knew who purchased it because I would write a blog post dedicated to that brave individual.  I am over joyed that somewhere in that wonderful country somebody will be reading my book on their Kindle.  Hopefully they love it as much as I do, and so many other wonderful readers who enjoy hard core Military Action Adventure Science Fiction books.  The reviews on the book remind me of drinking buttermilk or Scotch, people either love it or they hate it.  Frankly, several of the people who hated it were under the impression they were reading a Young Adult book, so it probably caught them off guard.
IT IS NOT A YOUNG ADULT BOOK.  It is very much an ADULT BOOK, but not so much you need warnings for excessive warning labels.
Long Story Short – I sold a book on Amazon IT!  Italy WINS!!
In the grander scheme of things it is selling the initial books in any new market that is the key to getting discovered.  Readers talk with other readers.  Word of mouth is still the mainstay form of advertising for authors.  Granted you can sell a lot of books if you’re a celebrity, or write a book on some new fad or the current hysteria the media is promoting.  You can spend a fortune in advertising but then you have to make that money back in the form of Royalties before you begin to show a profit.  For Indie Authors, our path to fame and fortune will be writing excellent books, allowing time for them to spread around and good old fashion word of mouth.
Trust me when I say somebody will be talking about my book in Italy.

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