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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Risk versus Gain

I understand now as a father of two young boys how afraid for them I’ll be if and when they tell me they want to join the service. I can’t in good conscious tell them no as I did it and so has someone from every generation of my family going back farther than anybody can remember. Either in the United States or fighting for Great Britain, my family has always been warriors. Yet I know now what I put my parents through by enlisting in the service, how a father would feel seeing his child leave and possibly enter into harm’s way.

I look back to the skills I have, the confidence to deal with what some people might consider horrific circumstances, and the knowledge of what true freedom really is. I know how to drive and shoot a tank. I have fired a wide array of fully automatic weapons, and tore them down and put them back together blindfolded. I have stayed awake for days on end performing my job, existing in that other realm that only soldiers will ever encounter. To have looked death in the face and not flinch, but toe the line, and accomplish the mission. Without the risk I would have never gained the benefits.

On a lighter note, to put your feelings out there and truly share with another individual in love, in marriage, to truly have the two make a complete one, a couple, a team, best friends, lovers, husband and wife. Without the risk you don’t reap the benefits.

Having children which at times can be extremely scary, uncertain and daunting, but the rewards are beyond description. Without the risk you don’t get the benefits.

In writing your book, putting it out there for the world to read and enjoy or rip to shreds. To take the good and bad reviews as the world judges your work, judges you. Without the risk you don’t get the benefits.

Are you risking anything? Is there an area of your life that is scary, uncertain, at risk? Are you doing anything more than just what is expected of you to get by, or working at your passion with every spare moment you can muster and pouring yourself into your work? Do you ever feel like life is unfair and you know there is so much out there but not for you? Do you feel left out? Alone? Not happy with where you are at in your life?

Do something new! Do something you love! Pour yourself into it until there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all you want to do. You spring out of bed in the morning to get started afresh and continue your journey. Your prayers turn from asking for things into just thanking the Lord all day long for everything you have and the opportunities that you have. It’s your life, get off your ass and get busy. Don’t know what to do? Do anything. Something new and different! Find what you absolutely love and go after it. Take a chance, risk something, challenge yourself to be more than you think you are. Expand your horizons.

It could be as easy as picking up a book or maybe a pencil and paper and writing a book of your own. God Bless and have a great day!!


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