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Monday, September 12, 2011

Water and Ice

There are remains of what look like buried cities off the coast of Cuba, off the Bahamas, off the bottom of the Japanese archipelago, and over two hundred and sixty under the Mediterranean Sea.  Part of the problem of excavating these sites is that they are underwater.
The biggest problem for me is that for these to be built by man, they would have to have been built before the last ice age.  The reason they are buried under water, according to the science guys, is that when the ice sheets melted, which covered the top part of globe extending halfway down the continent of North America, all the extra water caused the sea levels to raise.  This flooded low lying areas of land and covered many coastal cities with water.
I am not talking about the Great Flood, which begs another question.  If the water covered all but the highest peaks of the Earth with water, where did all that water go?
Back to the second question of cities that would have to have been built before the ice age.  According to the same scientists at that time in Earth's history the closest thing to humans were cave dwelling nomadic hunter-gatherers who had neither the people, tools or no how to build massive stone structures, much less cities of stone.
So who built these cities?  Who lived there?  Was there a civilization on Earth before our recorded history?  Where there people here before the Garden Eden?  Where did they go?  Did they all die out?  Was there a biblical cleansing before the Great Flood?  Is this the second time around on Earth for mankind?
Maybe it's the fourth or fifth time for all we know.  I know if I had the financial means and equipment I would love to have these various sites excavated and find out how to get inside these different structures.  See what artifacts could be found, and what we could learn about those who came before us.
Ideally one would think we study the past to make better decisions for the future.  We all ready know the problems we are creating today which will hasten mans' demise in the future.  We don't have to dive under the ocean and do underwater archeology to find out what we ought not to be doing today.
Mankind has been explorers since the dawn of time.  Everything has not been discovered or found.  There are many places and great finds yet to be discovered.
The sunken cities around the globe.
The burial places of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.
The Ark of the Covenant.  (I'm not in a big hurry for somebody to find this one, because this is mentioned in Revelations, it will have to resurface before the end times.  If it comes out that so and so has definitely found the Ark, everybody better have their affairs in order and get right with God quickly.  Ideally one would be in such a place to begin with, but if we were all living in such an angelic and sin free state I really feel the Earth would be a much different place than the nightly news describes.)
There are many secrets, Too Many secrets our dear mother Earth has not given up yet.
I hope this gives you something to ponder as it does me.


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