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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Damn Intelligent Books

Ishmael is still screwing with me!  I finished the book the other day and still thinking about aspects of the dialogue and basically chewing on it all.
You would think that since the time of the ancient Sumerians and having a recorded history of events that have happened that as an intelligent society we would strive to learn and work to not repeat the mistakes of our past.  Through reading history it becomes abundantly clear that this will not be the case because the society of humans keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.  I loved how in the book 'Ishmael', the Gorilla describes how Hitler managed to do what he did through the nineteen thirties and early forties.  He didn't do it by Charisma!  Oh!  He had charisma, don't get me wrong.  He accomplished it through telling the people a story.
It was a story a majority of the people wanted to hear, especially after the dismal years the country endured after World War I and their failed attempt at conquering the world in 1918.  Not everybody believed the story, or wanted to follow along.  Unless you were willing to pack up and leave Germany, and then prepared to outrun the invading armies that came later, you went along with everybody else.  Probably like many people in the United States of America are doing today.  "Oh it's not good but we can wait it out, things will change."  Except the story keeps propagating and the group keeps gaining ground.  Eventually it was too late, the people were powerless and flight was no longer an option.  You're part of the master plan or you're done.
As things go from bad to worse more people will follow along.  The people want to be controlled and told what to do.  Especially those who don't have to work, or pay their taxes.  If they join the story the get to be somebody, and citizenship automatically, free education, free health care, free cell phones, because they have rights too!  Let's change the religions, the language, and re write the history of what was and make it ours!
As an avid reader I love a good story as much as the next person.  As a writer I dream of writing the great American novel, and earning enough money to stay at home and write until I die.  As a student of history I see flashes of times gone by that I have only read about.  It is almost like some really intelligent person read George Orwell, and David Quinn, and studied their history and they are hiding behind the scenes pulling the strings of their puppets.  I can hear them saying "This is how you take a country and build an Empire.  These people are too dumb for their own good and don't deserve freedom.  They will willingly give away their rights to us so we can take care of the masses, and the masses will do our bidding for television, health care, and food stamps."  It is if they learned the lessons and said, "Hey, watch this we can do it again!"
The interesting thing is I am not the only one who sees what is going on.  There are others who are hollering but no one is listening.  I hope I don't get to become a published author just in time to be shot in the street and have my newly published books burned in the city square during a political rally.
Oh Yeah, by the way, the President of the United States is supposed to be making a speech soon to unveil his plans for creating new jobs for the people.  I sure it will be a stunning new story, make sure to check it out!
My second book will be available in paperback very soon.  Right now it is available on Smashwords dot com and Amazon dot com.
Still no takers from Germany on either of my books.  I really do Love Zeppelins and Volkswagens!


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