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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Plane Crash

This mornings head lines include a WWII Airplane crashing into crowded bleachers at an airshow.  A few weeks ago there was a fatality at an airshow here in Kansas City.

On this date in History, September 17, 1908, Lt. Thomas Selfridge of the U.S. Army, was killed becoming the first passenger to die in an airplane crash.  Orville Wright's aircraft propeller broke in mid-flight, causing the crash.  Wright was badly injured in the crash.

I have an extreme love affair with airplanes, especially the old World War II models which were not only efficient killing machines but works of art, from how they were designed and painted.  I Love the airshows, without which we would never see these beautiful machines in their natural environment, Flying!

My Heart and Prayers go out to all who were injured and killed at the airshow, and to the brave pilots who fly these living museum pieces.  I give my sympathy to all who lost important members of their lives this morning in what should have been just some awesome entertainment.  I also hope accidents don't put a stop to airshows in the future, but I hate seeing tragedy where it should be awe and fun for the family. 


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