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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Run Or Die?

What if, in mankind's early history we didn't have to fight for our survival against animals and other tribes of our fellow humans?  If when we first encountered another group our first reaction was to find common ground, establish communication, and learn about each other.  Realizing the other tribe were fellow human beings, and then cooperating for joint survival of both tribes.  Each tribe would send some of their people to live with the other tribe to learn their ways and be the intermediaries to help bring the tribes closer together.  Cooperation was the mainstay instead of Competition.  This would eventually grow into a peaceful society.  There would never be any wars, no use to develop weapons and fortresses.  The more intelligent would prevail instead of the best fighters.  A group like this would have had the Internet in the dark ages!  They would be battling completely different problems than we have today.
Ever wonder why China has such a huge population compared to the rest of the world.  They had long periods of peace in their early history.  They had a specialized society based off agriculture from way back.  At one point in their ancient history they would test the entire population on a whole range of subjects and the top two percent of the highest scoring people on the test would be eligible for government service.  Not lawyers, not unscrupulous members of their society, nobody bought their way into an office.  It was the most intelligent people of their country!
Of that two percent people were chosen to serve the country and they were instructed to decide on issues that would be best for the country as a whole not based off what was best for their particular region.  They flourished in many ways and their population grew dramatically compared to those of the West were busy killing each other off in the name of religion, control of land or resources, or just in the name of power and their country.  Scientifically up to a point the Chinese were way ahead of the world in many respects.  That was the old Chinese governments of the Great Dynasties, not the Communist China we know today.  Even in the old days when they had things working well, it would work for a while until the government became corrupt and quit working then there would be a revolt, a new Dynasty would come to power and things would be good for another period.
My point in bringing this up is that used as an example of what peaceful living may produce, you could expect a huge population and to be very scientifically advanced.  China was not entirely a peaceful nation as they were repeatedly attacked and occasionally attacked other areas around themselves.  They are human and therefore had to fight to survive on the planet with the rest of us.
So say the example of peaceful living happened elsewhere, on some other planet in some distant universe.  My contention is they would much more technologically advanced than we are.  They would have developed space travel and exploration as a means of colonization to help with the overcrowding on their planet and to find and gather additional resources for their people.
What would happen if they discovered Earth?  If they watched our television broadcasts, nightly news reports from around the world?  If we were them and lived in an entirely peaceful society and found other beings tearing themselves and their home planet apart at the seams with no regard for their future let alone their own species?  We would mark the planet as to avoid at all costs!
What would happen if they were attacked by some outside force of beings?  Beings worse than humans, that don't even communicate.  They just attack and destroy and rape planets for their natural resources and move on.  What would this peaceful society do then?  What could they do?
They can run!  Or they could die!
My favorite book for many years has been Orson Scott Cards, "Ender's Game" but I always had some problems with his Science Fiction Masterpiece!  I think "Ender's Game" is a must read for everybody, and it is a masterpiece of science fiction in my opinion.  I still have a couple of problems with the work.
1.  Warfare is deception at its mid to lower levels, at its worst like it is most commonly experienced.  At its highest form you defeat your enemy without fighting!  For those that have questions about this consult Sun Tzu's, "The Art of War."  Another masterpiece of non-fiction that is required reading at Harvard Business School along with Westpoint Military Academy.  To my way of thinking it ranks number two in literature coming in second to the King James Version of the Holy Bible.
            a.)  The problem with Ender being the next great military leader is he wouldn't be able to be tricked or fooled if he really was.  With the combined attributes of the Great Military Leaders of the past you would be almost inspired with foresight concerning your enemy, conditions, terrain, morale, intelligence, and the outcomes of your battles.
2.  Mr. Scott the author was not a military person.
Trust me when I say neither of these problems of mine takes away from the genius which his books encompasses, and if you have not read "Ender's Game" treat yourself to the experience before you die.  These two problems are just personal little things that bothered me through the years.  So when I began writing seriously last year, I combined the first premise of a peaceful alien society getting attacked by a savage race of aliens and coming to Earth to enlist our help in fighting the savages to save their own race.
If anybody knows me, they will know my thinking about these subjects didn't just stop here.  It developed to the point that even in theory it was bigger than a single novel.  There is too much to be explored about warfare, why we fight, religion and warfare, how a peaceful society will be affected by the intermingling of these wonderful new concepts into their peaceful society.  Not to mention the military aspects of what equipment would they use, what kind of weapons they would use, how you would fight in space, many of the same motivating factors that Mr. Scott dealt with years ago when he crafted his masterpiece.
In my second novel I jump in with both feet first, with great characters and fast action in the first of three novels.  "No Rules Of Engagement" is exactly what the name implies.  No holds barred, military action suspense thriller science fiction novel.
If you read my first book "Whisper", it started off slow, and got much faster as you proceeded through the book.  I knew being my first book it would always be my worst.  It starts off slow because I wrote the first five to six chapters between 2002 and 2010.  The rest of the book was written in 2010 and roughly finished and rushed to be E-published.  I learned a lot from doing it.  My second novel, "No Rules Of Engagement" was completely written in 2010, rewritten and edited to the best of my ability with help from my editor Jo Murphey.  It isn't perfect but all the mistakes in it rest solely on my shoulders and impatience.  If it was up to my Wonderful Heaven sent Editor I would have went through it many more times and it would have been near perfect before it was ever released.  I also thank her for her extreme patience in dealing with my lack of patience and continual pushing to finish.
If you like science fiction.  If you ever read "Ender's Game" and were sorry there had to be an end to the book.  If any of the above has peaked the slightest bit of interest.  Please give my second book a try!   For Paperback


JoAnn Murphey said...

Thomas, quit! I'm blushing. Yes, I would have had you go through it again, but remember I told you in the beginning I can tweak a chapter to death or near death. Yes, there are some errors in No Rules of Engagement, but the FACT's a wonderful story- great characters, wonderful premise, and fast paced without being totally exhausting.

And to top it all off, I'm now a fan. I can't wait for you to finish the next I'm the one being impatient. So keep writing! LOL

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