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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interrogation Techniques

Anybody who saw the movie “The Dark Knight” and saw the scene where Batman interrogates the Joker has to appreciate his lack of following the recommended rules for interrogating a suspect.  He can get away with that stuff because he’s Batman, a vigilante, and it’s effective as hell.

For a while after that movie was out two guys made a couple of YouTube Videos spoofing the Dark Knight Interrogation scene between Batman and Joker playing up the point that it is hard to understand Batman while he is growling/talking his questions.  The guy playing the Joker just keeps saying he can't understand and Batman keeps hitting him and growling at him.  I tried looking them up to play provide the links to them on this post but YouTube said the videos were unavailable at this time.
My daughter and I went and saw “Dark Knight Rising” and there was one scene where he is back in growling/talking mode asking Bane where the detonator is but then hits him in the face before he can answer.  Batman repeats the question and hits him again not giving him time to even try and answer the question.  The whole scene is only moments long but my daughter and I both burst out laughing when we saw it because it was like they put it in the movie just for all those people who caught the spoof videos of the interrogation scene from the last movie.  I talked to some of my friends and they said people laughed at that part when they saw it and others who had seen the spoof videos said they recognized it also.
I have to believe it was intentional from Mr. Noland, to provide some touch of levity in what would normally be an intense scene for those who never saw the second movie or the spoof videos.  I enjoyed that they did that, poking fun at Batman and honoring the two guys who spoofed the scene from the Dark Knight movie.  My daughter and I both thought it was hilarious!


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