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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What do you believe in?

At am perplexed this morning.  I love to look at the Stats of my blog.  From what countries people are from?  What type of system were they using?  What service directed them to my blog?  I post more frequently than most because for me it is a juicer!  Writing a short bit about something gets my juices flowing and then I can write like hell on my next books.  I want to write things that are of interest to people, that they may find helpful, uplifting, maybe spiritual, or just give them something to ponder.  As I get very little feed back in the form of comments it is hard to see what buttons I am pushing on different people.  Also the fact that I don't seem to be gaining any followers leads me to believe that my blog is just a place people get directed to, poke around a touch and then move on to something better.
I have and will strive to keep my blog free for the world, no advertising except for posts where I brag about my books or somebody elses.  I have even mentioned a blog or two in the past.
So today's post is a questionnaire.  If anything on the list hits a cord, leave a comment, it's quick and painless, you don't have to sign it, I am just curious about those who do drop by and read my posts.  You can leave a comment here or send me an E-mail
What Do You Believe In?
Do you believe in God?  One single God or multiple Gods?
Do you believe in life after death?  That our soul continues on into some other journey?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
Do you believe God can talk to you?
Do you believe past relatives can speak to you or guide you through your life challenges?
Do you believe in Ghosts?
Do you believe Earth has been visited by people from another planet?
Do you believe we were visited   In the Past?  Currently?  Repeatedly?
How many types of Aliens do believe exist?
Do you like Cats or Dogs?
Are you a writer?  Books?  Short Stories?  Poems?  Blogger?
Do you trust your Government is working in your best interest?
Do you generally believe what you hear on the news?
Do you get tired of nothing but disasters, tragedy, and crime being reported in the News?
Do you follow Sports?   One Sport or multiple Sports?
Do you enjoy learning things?
History things?  Science things?  Writing things? 
Do you enjoy reading controversial stuff even if it challenges your beliefs?
Do you believe in true Love?  Soul Mates?
Do you believe in Karma? 
Do you believe if you sin somebody somewhere is recording it and you will be responsible for the consequences later?
Do you believe in freedom?  Liberty?  Truth?
Do you believe in Divine Destiny?  That what is going to happen is already written and there is nothing you can do to change it, the outcome is predetermined?
Do you believe on some level all life on Earth is connected in a way we can't comprehend?
If we only use 5% of our brains are we really way underdeveloped?
Could people have telekinesis?  Telepathy?  Heal others by touch?  By thought?


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