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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best of Intentions

I just heard that Star Trek the TV show premiered 45 years ago today.

At a time of racial tension in our country this science fiction program gave us an ideal to shoot for as humans.
Not a country, or a religion, or a particular group!  Star Ships sent out to explore the universe and boldly go where no man has gone before.  To be more politically correct, Women too! 
With it's relatively short run it changed Earth, and mankind for ever.  For someday either by our own will to investigate, to exploit other planets for resources or save people from an over crowded planet that can not feed everyone, mankind will set out beyond our own solar system.

I sincerely pray there was a concerted international effort aimed in that direction.  Developing the new propulsion systems it will require, building the space dock in which to build giant star ships.  No need to worry about population control if we are preparing to spread throughout the universe.
Think of the jobs that would create.  I pray we do it before we exterminate ourselves through greed, a quest for power, and ideologies of small groups of narrow minded people.  I say this because I believe if I met most people on the street in Kansas City, or where ever they live while traveling, that most people are decent and nice, and just want to get along.  People enjoy eating, their families, community activities, and reading, learning, and other people. 

I write this under the shadow of the Space Shuttle being retired and NASA looking like the U.S. Postal Service competing against the Internet!


JoAnn Murphey said...

OMG has it been 45 years ago already??? This human race and alien races working in harmony was almost utopian in quests. May man learn from Star Trek and live long and prosper.

The Space shuttle has served it's purpose like the Apollo's did before it, and the Mercury and Gemini did before Apollo. New horizons coming.

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