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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Maybe Mice Just Can't Read

Maybe mice just can't read.  Maybe they communicate with each other just fine.  Maybe they even communicate and go so far as to write books explaining about the terrible atrocities commited against the race of Mice.

Nobody cares that nobody else is reading the books.  Why read books when you can watch American Idol, Hell's Kitchen (Which I Love), America's Got Talent, and Dancing With the Stars.  If it's really important you'll hear about it from the other Mice.

They do listen to stories, because that's easy.  You can hear about how in certain places food is left for you.  You don't have to take care of your own.  You don't need to work hard and save.  Listen to the stories, or just watch television. 

Those stories of laboratories and treadmills are horror stories to scare you, they are not real.  Listen to our story about how you deserve happiness, join our team and you can get free food.  We will take care of you.  Don't read, don't think.  No Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what the evil reading says, you deserve Liberty and happiness Now.  It is your right as a Mouse.

Vote for us, and bring us back some cheese from the free food centers and we'll tell you what you want to hear!

Big Brother, of the American Family says to say Ah ha!  No not Amen, that might offend another mouse.

I am so sarcastic, it makes me sick, oh no that was the free cheese.


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