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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Politicians Then and Now

On this day in History, September 1, 1807, Former Vice President Aaron Burr was acquitted of charges of treason for allegedly plotting to set up a separate nation on lands claimed by the U.S. and Spain.  The sensational trial was a major test of the Constitution.  This was the same colorful politician who during his Vice Presidency mortally wounded political rival Alexander Hamilton in a duel for which he was never tried.
This could almost be right off of FOX News!  Are today's politicians any better than the ones of the past?  I don't mean to slur the founding fathers, I mean to point out things haven't changed that much since 1807.  One could argue maybe we should bring back dueling!
In the case of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton I am not sure the better man won the duel, but more than likely the better or luckier shot.  I could just see the news covering duels between congressman, Senators, and members of the Executive Branch on the lawn of the White House.  Do you think our government would be any better or just end up with members who were better shots?  Dick Cheney and Aaron Burr have shooting people while in office in common.  Oh yeah!  I had to go there!!!


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