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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Market Potential

It is a vast and widely different world out there depending upon where you're standing on it.  The world's population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.9 Trillion people.
How many of us on the planet read books?
How many are plugged into the Internet?  Approximately 2 Trillion or 30.2 percent of the world is plugged into the Internet on a regular basis.  The Growth of Internet usage since the year 200 is up by 480.4%.
Check the chart below as I found this very surprising!
Region                            % Online                # of Users                % of Pop. Online
Asia                                   44 %                922.3 Million                      23.8%
Europe                              22.7%               476.2 Million                      58.3%
North America                   13 %                272.1 Million                      78.3 %
Latin America                   10.3 %               215.9 Million                      37.0 %
Africa                                5.7 %                110.9 Million                      11.4 %
Middle East                       3.3 %                  68.6 Million                      31.7 %
Australia                             1 %                    21.3 Million                      60.1 %
Asia has 922 Million users and only 23.8 percent of the population is on line, which in turn is 44% of the Internet Usage of the World!  What will their numbers be when 78.3 percent of the Population is Online as in North America?  OMG!  It begs the question as a writer should I have my books translated into which language?
Top five languages in the world are as follows . . .
1.  Mandarin
2.  English
3.  Spanish
4.  Hindi
5.  Russian
One in six people in the U.S. have E-readers, with that expected to double in the near future.  16% of Americans read between 11 to 20 books a year, and 1 in 5 read more than 21 per year.
It seems that over eighty percent of the world would like to write a book in their lifetime.  In the past a dismal 2 to 3 percent of books written ever saw the light of day as a published book.
With the advent of E-book self publishing now virtually anybody who has a computer and the dogged determination to start and finish a book can publish it themselves.  Therefore you now for a while have a flood of E-books coming to market in the E-commerce world.  When you look at the potential market of book sales for an E-book being anybody with a computer, Pad device of some kind, a cell phone or an E-reader, all of which have an ever increasing markets of their own it is staggering!
One final note is that over fifty percent of all books sold are Fiction, and Mystery and Crime are most popular with Science Fiction coming in second.  These of course can get sub divided into many different sub groupings and added in with all the other Genres it makes for an open playing field for Book Sellers.  It is amazing the amount of Erotic Books that are hitting the Market when nobody ever buys them according polls.  Earthlings are hypocritical liars!
Oh Yeah, I said it, and yes I went there.  It just leads me to believe Mandarin Erotic book sales in the next twenty years will be in the astounding earth shattering numbers!


J.L. Murphey said...

Hmmm, The Growth of Internet usage since the year 200 is up by 480.4%. Wow Al Gore is old.

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