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Monday, August 29, 2011

History Tidbit

On this day in 1786, Shay's Rebellion started in this country!
1,000 farmers organized by a Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shay, march in protest at high taxation, high court costs and the governor's high salary.  They closed down the commonwealth's Supreme Court, freed imprisoned debtors and burnt down the barns of government officials.  The rebellion lasts until January of 1787.
Revolutionary War Veteran.  What would today's media call Daniel Shay in our times?  What would happen if American Citizens banded together to take our country back?
And that history and mother nature repeat themselves…On this date in 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the U.S. Gulf Coast, wreaking havoc through Mississippi and Louisiana.
Yesterday "Whisper" became available in paperback through CreateSpace.  The site where you're supposed to go to view and purchase it is wallpapered with my picture.  It's hideous!!
Until I can figure out where you go to fix the settings of the page I am not sharing the link!  With my picture plastered repeatedly across the background you can't see any of the writing or read anything on the site.  This is one of those learn as you go things!!  I haven't figured this part out yet.


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