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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Penny for your thoughts

On this day in 1909 the first Lincoln penny was issued to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's birth.  The new design was sculpted by Victor David Brenner, his initials can be seen on the rim of the coin just under Lincoln's shoulder.
I was shown something as a child and it has stayed with me all these years.
"Find a penny,
pick it up,
all day long,
You'll have Good Luck!"
Since being a young boy I have been picking up pennies.  I am not superstitious and I know that all my blessings come from my heavenly father.  So as I pick the penny up and put it in my pocket I say a silent little prayer in thanking God Almighty for blessing me.  I ask that he bring good fortune my way, that he continues to watch over me and my family, and I thank him for the penny.  I believe it is the prayer that brings me good fortune, and God lets me find the pennies to remind me to pray and keep my trust in him.  Every time I find a penny they are the luckiest days I ever have.  Along with New Shoe Days, and Friday the thirteenths!
Never heard of a new shoe day?  The first day you get to wear your new shoes is always the best day in those shoes.  Always a blessed and lucky day!
I am aware of the history and superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th, but growing up I noticed I always seemed to have great days on these days of bad luck and ill will.  Through the years my daughter has relayed they have been good days for her also.  I figure for all the people who stay indoors and bury their heads in the covers rather than chance fate, well, somebody has to get all that unused good luck!  Might as well be me!  But then I know where my blessings are truly coming from.  Amen!


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