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Friday, August 5, 2011

Why do you read what you read?

What Genre do you most commonly read?  Why?  Have you ever thought about it? 
What makes you read something new?  Do you read a variety of different genres or subjects?
I am forty-five years young.  I find things I like and that work and I stick with them.  I will buy something expensive if it is of good quality and will last.  Durability and function ability are primary concerns with purchases.

With Food and Women I do not enjoy variety.  I know what foods I like and that’s what I eat, period.  Very rarely will I entertain the idea of trying something new in the area of food.  I am one of those people who could eat the same thing every night for dinner and not get tired of it.  As a matter of fact I have eaten the same thing almost every day for lunch for the last couple of years.
As far as Women, I married way above myself the second time around.  I still can’t believe she is my wife after all these years of being married to her.  I lucked out that we were great friends first who fell madly in love with each other.  I knew I wanted to marry her when we were doing dishes together by hand and having a great time talking and working together.  I remember thinking, “This is what a great relationship should be like, being able to get along together and work together.”  Man did I hit the nail on the head with that one.
I honestly open my eyes every morning and thank the Lord for letting me have another wonderful day in his world and I thank him for the wonderful wife I have.  I have been blessed beyond measure and in a way few will ever know how good it can truly be.
But with books, I read about anything and everything.  Sometimes silly fun stuff to let my brain stretch and have fun.  Sometimes it’s text books of some sort.  History books are like water to my parched soul!  Action Adventure are exciting and I escape the mundane and boring parts of my life through the adventures and travels of others characters.  Romance if my book club makes me.
Horror very rarely, or if my editor asks me to help beta read her newest awesome book.  Which by the way it scared the hell out me in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day.  I don’t appreciate horror, but this book was great, but scary.
Be on the lookout for, "Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption" By J.L. Murphey set to be published August 31, 2011.
If she continues in this genre I might have to add Horror to my already over flowing reading lists!
Today, I was curious as to what others read and why.  I love the Goodreads dot com web site, because I can see what others are reading, have read, plan to read, read book reviews, see who have read the same books I have, it is close to a book lovers heaven.
Actual book lovers heaven is to live in the New York City library in a private room with catered meals and housekeeping service, being independently wealthy so all you have to do is eat, sleep and read.
Recently, I have started writing.  No, seriously, I have.  I now will be walking, sitting, and look like I am thinking about something deep and far off.  Lost in thought.  For a four month period I was fighting battle scenarios in my head with orphans as soldiers.  I would contemplate battle scenes in outer space against aliens with the same children.  I contemplated a society that never had to fight but always negotiated and compromised and sought peaceful, placid, win/win scenarios for all of their problems and conflicts.  I dreamed up a scary alien force and how they would fight.
How would the children gather intelligence on their enemy?  Problems you might encounter if you where in situations like trying to gather prisoners that are seven to eight feet tall and six or seven hundred pounds apiece.  I day dream all the time and these plus interesting ships, weapons and characters then become the books I want to read, that I get the pleasure of writing.
The best of all worlds combined.  My only complaint is by the time it is rewritten and edited, I have gone through the story so many times I am sick of it.  Ready to start the wondrous process of writing all over again.  I think I am happiest when I am day dreaming and writing one to two chapters a day for weeks on end.  The time flies by, I am busy, occupied, in my own little world.  Nobody, but my editor, has a clue of the crazy wild strange stuff streaming through my warped mind.  Then after day dreaming, thinking, problem solving with a touch of research to ground it ever so lightly, I go unload it all into a word document.  Only to start over again the next day.  God I love it so much, and it is getting worse the more I do it.
I have thirty plus stories in mind and in file folders waiting to be tackled.  My only regret is that I didn't start writing twenty years ago.  My faith in God and his perfect timing relaxes my regret in that I wasn't prepared to write twenty years ago.  I am barely prepared as it is.  He has brought great help my way and opened many wonderful blessings to make it possible at this time.


Jo Murphey said...

Thomas, thank you for the nod and promotion. I've already started a second Zombie Apocalypse novel because the response was so great to "Redemption." I personally never liked horror myself, but the stories are in me. LOL Just like those rattling around in your brain. I think every writer has this in them at the beginning.

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