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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Personal Rant SECRETS

If you ever study history to any in depth degree, certain things become glaringly obvious!
1.  History repeats itself.  For those who study history maybe they can forgo repeating the mistakes of the past.
2.  History is written by the victors.  Sometimes the victors relate the story of the losers for posterity, but not normally.
3.  First hand, Second hand, Third hand accounts.  Who wrote the history?  Who investigated the facts?  What's fiction, what's true?  I.E.  In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.. They should have shot that poet!
4.  Nothing stays a secret forever!  People talk, they write, they record things.  In the future our blogs and saved records of e-mails will be sifted through and the truth of our times will be told.
As in my last blog post of who was Jacques Macie?  At the time did anybody know?  They still don't know his birthday.  But he was an illegitimate son!
At this point in history with pictures snapped on cell phones and locations recorded via GPS.  Traffic cameras everywhere you turn.  Security cameras private and commercial are everywhere.  People are talking, texting, blogging, writing.  Do you honestly think you can cheat on spouse and get away with it!  I don't do drugs, don't know people who do drugs, have never bought drugs.  If I was a person who liked to do that sort of thing, I would be so incredibly paranoid to go buy drugs and pick them up!!
You have no idea who is watching!  From time to time there are even satellites snapping pictures of every square inch of the earth and the pictures are being analyzed for changes.  Sooner or later the traffic cameras and computers are going to be able to track where you frequent, work, shop, live and your friends and will be able to provide agencies lists of those who are outside of their normal patterns of travel and behavior.  The computers can recognize the license plates already.  They only need to track them through the different cameras and tie them to work locations and where the cars live by registration.  It would be easy!
I don't write this to freak out the drug users or make those who sleep around more paranoid.  I do this to make you think and act as if you're on camera on the time.  We are being watched and who knows who the next Smithson might be, somebody may be digging your history up in the future.
Final note:  Imagine living in 1830's and being the illegitimate child of the nephew!!  Somebody coming by and giving you a fortune out of the blue for no other reason than you were related to somebody you didn't know!!


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