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Friday, August 5, 2011

What hath God Wrought

The Title of this post was also the first message ever sent across a telegraph line!

That was in 1844.  Sixteen years before the the American Civil War.

On this date in history, Cyrus West Field, along with Peter Cooper, Abram Stevens, Moses Taylor and Samuel F.B. Morse ( the creator of Morse Code c. 1830's), finished stretching the first Telegraph line under the Atlantic ocean between Ireland and New Foundland.  That was August 5, 1858, two years before the American Civil War.  The gentleman listed above were all part of the original American Telegraph Company and at the time their telegraph system was second only to Western Union.  You thought competition among communication providers was something new?

The Atlantic telegraph line was officially opened on August 16, 1858, when Queen Victoria sent a message to President James Buchanan in Morse code.  Though fanfare of the accomplishment was spread far and wide the line itself broke down three weeks later and was not reconnected until sometime in 1866.

"Can You Hear Me Now?"
Things really haven't changed that much in a hundred and fifteen years, except now you can text!

I heard a comedian the other day comment about texting and how nice it would be if they could invent something like the cell phone where instead of all that typing you could just call and talk to a person.


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