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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creativity and Smart Machines

I think one of the reasons I have gotten more creative in my private enterprises over the last two years is because my job has reached a point where it has become very critical as far as accuracy and very boring because of the nature of the stuff I have to do.  Basically my days are filled with checking packing lists against bills of lading for any errors.  Inputting said packing list into the companies' computer system.  Printing Inventory cycle count sheets for warehouseman to go and count, so later I can enter the count sheets into the computer to adjust the inventory up or down as needed.  Lastly taking packing lists e-mailed or faxed from manufacturers and pulling up each part number in the computer to see if the number is good, does it have an inventory bin and if the bin is a rack bin location to note it on the packing list.  When the load arrives the warehouse will use the packing I have written bin locations down for most of the part numbers to tell them where the tires belong in the warehouse.  This makes Editing a book almost FUN!
My phone likes to think it is intelligent.  Many of the things we purchase today like to help us save time by guessing what we irrational, stupid humans are attempting to do.  This infuriates the hell out of me especially with so called smart cars!  Maybe I want to ram that other car while I am not wearing my seat belt!
I love technology, but I don't trust it!  I never will!  I have a nice collection of oil lamps for use when the lights go out.  I pray they will always come back on, but realize someday they might go out for good.  My home will still have lights, just not electric.  Scary thought, but how could you get along if electricity just stopped and no more TV, Cell Phones, computers, nothing!  How would you live?  Would your business continue?  Would you roll up and die?
I would like some higher functioning software to be designed for all kinds of purposes.  Computers I could talk to and ask things of.  I would love to talk to my computer and it type what I am saying on the screen as I say it.  I have Dragon Speak software but it doesn't work with my Sony Digital Recorder.  I have purchased three full versions of their software with the promise each time that this version will work with this recorder.  The last version said I needed the next version and another Sony recorder that cost a hundred dollars more than the hundred dollar recorder I originally purchased.  Their customer support might as well be non-existent.  I will not purchase another piece of Nuance or Dragon Speak software ever again.
If it can really work, one of the three versions I have should work, they don't, and they don't even have the option.  The recorder works fine.  I am not buying another more expensive one!
I would love a computer program that could take an inputted packing list and assign bin locations to the list taking into account the different variables that I can, in less time than it takes me to type in the part numbers and write down where to put them.  I sure it exists somewhere but like the Dragon Software, at what price, what additional equipment, how many man hours to make it function when I can do the job already just slow and boring to do.
How great would it be if facial recognition software were adapted to graphic artist software and you could morph faces until you found just the right face, perfect hair color, eye color, and then rotate the face in any direction.  Drop it into a an outfit scanned from a clothing catalog fill it out to a desired body style and add your back ground and you wouldn't need models anymore.  Or software you could describe a character while the computer draws the composite picture of the person.  Instead I get a phone that likes to guess what I am typing into a text when I have a larger vocabulary than my smart phone.  Oh, Bother.


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