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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bambi and Editing Tips

Disney's Bambi Lost Money?
On this date in history, August 13, 1942, Disney's Bambi premiered.  The movie lost money at the box office for the first run, but began to recoup its considerable cost (over $2 Million) during the 1947 re-release.
Moral of the story is to hang in there it may make money later!
I also have two editing tips,
The first one is by my friend and favorite author Nicholas Sparks.  I am so sarcastic!!
He reads his stories backwards, sentence by sentence, when editing to trick his mind into not scanning and actually look at each word of each sentence.  Good idea!  I know that reading you get bored and start scanning instead of actually reading, especially the author reading his own work which he has already been through countless times between editing and formatting.
Make a list of words that are spelled differently and have different meanings but that sound the same.  Each time you come across one of these words make sure you are using the correct one.  The problem is if they are spelled correctly your spell checker will not catch those.
Theirs, There's..Witch, Which..etc.  There is a bunch of those!


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