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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cursive Hand Writing

For a man I have very nice hand writing when I am not at work and doing ninety to nothing trying to do three things at once.  As an adult there are certain books I try to read over and over again, because each time I do deeper meanings are revealed to me as I am another year older and that much wiser.  I practice my hand writing on a big chief tablet like I used to use in second grade when I was first being taught how to make the letters of the alphabet in written form.  As a result my hand writing actually gets better from year to year.
I started this off as 'For a Man' because traditionally men's hand writing is much worse than most women's for some reason.  I know some very intelligent men who can barely write and if they have to write in cursive you cannot read their writing.  If their only way to communicate was reduced to writing notes to people, they would realize people treating them like they were retarded because they write that way.  As beings we are actually extremely limited in the means and methods we have to communicate with other members of our species.  Writing is one of our primary means to communicate with others.
As an author it is paramount to be able to not only write to express your ideas and thoughts but to read so as to read what you have written and read the works and words of others.
It has come to my attention that the same brain dead idiots who decided we should teach Darwin's Theory of Evolution in school as if it was some proved science of how things have gotten to where they are on this planet, instead a half baked theory, which is all it is, have decided to stop teaching cursive writing in schools.
Let me repeat that!
Your children or grandchildren will be learning printing, and how to use a keyboard.  They will not be instructed in the art of writing cursive writing.
Besides the aesthetic aspect of cursive writing when done well, compared to printing or stuff in some digital format.  If you can't write cursive you will not be able to read cursive.
Imagine in one or two generations when the people of what was a great and mighty nation will not be able to read their own Declaration of Independence, or Original Constitution!!
They will not be able to read the letters of the founding fathers!  Or of Lincoln!  They won't be able to read anything unless it is printed, translated to print, on retyped into print.
How great will they be then!  Some will argue that it isn't important!
When I hear they are teaching in SPANISH instead of English I will help lead the revolt!
My children will all learn how to write in cursive, along with how to read, how to look things up and discover the truths of things by themselves.  I will teach them to question everything, starting with me!  They will learn to use their heads and then how to fight and use weapons like my father taught me.  They will read the Bible and the Art of War.  They will be taught like I was that a little revolution is a good thing every now again.  And like the Scottish long ago, they will be taught to hide their weapons so they have them in a time of war or they need to go revolt against the government that thinks it is in charge of the masses.  That is why we have a right to bear arms in this country.  It's too easy for a government to run amuck when the populace is disarmed and against an army.  Armed people fighting for their freedom will beat a standing army every time; history has shown this over and over again.
I think this policy of not teaching hand writing should be stopped.  I have been appalled at the horrible handwriting I seen scrawled onto employment applications for the past twelve years I have had to try and decipher.  Don't get me started on Spelling!  If you can't spell WORK you should not be able to get a job ever!!!  Let me stop now before I beat my monitor to death with the keyboard of the computer!  Computers were supposed to free up our time, help us solve problems, make life easier, not make us dumb as hell and expect less from our children!
I am sorry I want my children to go farther than I did in life and have a better standard of living than they did growing up.  That's what my parents wanted for me and my brothers and sisters.
At what point do the children have too much to learn, things are too hard that they can't be taught how to write?


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