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Friday, December 30, 2011

Plans, Goals, or Bucket List

I don't really believe in New Year Resolutions!
I do believe in Lists!
By writing something down on a list you create some real and tangible in this world concerning that item.  You're declaring to the Universe, Your God, or just to yourself, that this is a target, and short of death or dismemberment you are heading headlong into achieving that objective.
My Mom made a list of ten things she wanted to do in her life a few years back and a couple of the items were kind of out there.  By the end of the next year she had done all ten things on her list.  She had to make a new list.
I over accomplished what I wanted to do for 2011.  I published my first book in January 2011 and by May was actually getting sales of the book.  The planner in me, sat down one evening and looked at my sales, figured if each month I could sell four more than the month before and carried that out on a spread sheet through 2011 and on to 2026.
Knowing I was planning on publishing my second book in September 2011, I added some columns and copied the cells from the sales of my first book over to my second book starting in September and on ward.  Over in the 2012 Column, I copied the sales figures again starting in May and on out.  Adding one new book a year!  The figures in 2026 are staggering from my limited perspective.  Amazingly though from May of 2011 till December 30, 2011, My actual sales of books have surpassed my Book Sales Projections Spreadsheet!  It proved to me that those numbers for 2026 can be real numbers by adding one book a year and just doing what I am doing.  If I happen to publish two books in a given year, it will only speed the process up.
A couple of factors that are not figured into this mix is that readers may start looking for the sequels coming out and initial sales may blow away what's on the spread sheet!  ( I won't complain about that.)  If a particular blog group, reading group, Goodreads book club, or Oprah says something about the book and it goes Viral that will blow away the numbers on the spread sheet.  (Again, you will never hear me complain about that.)
My point here is to make some Writing Plans for 2012.  Write them down!  Make them hard!  Reach for the freaking stars with your desires.
Nobody is going to show up and slap your hand and break your pencil at the end of 2012 if you didn't attain all your goals.  You're not graded on it!!
So go crazy!  Shoot for the stars with your goals!  Write down things to do.  Things you want to do.  Things you want to figure out, it doesn't matter that you don't have a clue as to where to start, just write it down.  To get published!  To Publish yourself!  Start a Blog!  Write a guest Blog Post!  Build a website!  Whatever you want!!
The Amazing part of this is you will find you may do everything on the list and then some by this time next year!  Wouldn't that be great!  Write it down.  Keep it somewhere you can look at it throughout the year, to keep items on the list in your mind.  Then watch out because lightening might strike!
If you are into New Year's Resolutions, check out this ladies resolutions for 2012.

I follow her Blog because she makes me laugh, and we can always use a good laugh.
May God Bless and have a Happy New Year!
I may or may not post another Blog before next Tuesday, either way I am not going to stress about it.  One of my goals is to de stress, and enjoy more, while writing my happy ass off!


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