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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angry Birds and Books

When I finished yesterday's blog post I had the thought about what if reading a book was as addictive as playing Angry Birds?

Many of the closest people to me have not and will not read my book.  A they haven't gotten bitten by the book monster yet and discovered that books are probably more addictive than the video games they play in the spare moments of your life.  The books you read will actually give you something the games won't.  Knowledge.  I don't care what kind of books you read, even if it is what is considered trashy smut you will probably learn something you didn't know before you started.  Plus the more you read the better you get at it, the faster you will get at it, and your retention of what you read will get better.  Us readers already know this!

I thought about if a game would post Ad's about books?  Probably not because it may draw people's attention from the game they want to be playing so you will buy the next version.

What if you bought a game and finished a level you had to read a chapter of a book to get to the next level and continue playing the game?

Would people read it to continue?

What if each Chapter was the First Chapter of a different book by a different Author?  Then a link was provided to download more of the book, or purchase the book, and then you would be given access to the next level of the game.

Would something like this over time increase the number of readers in a given market?

Would people playing games slowly be converted to readers reading books?

What other places could Authors post the opening Chapters of their books for people to read?

Standing in line at checkout stands of department stores?

Waiting rooms of Doctors offices?

What if publishers printed small little paperbacks to be freely passed around that only contained the first Chapters of Authors books, then information on where and how to get a hold of the books?

What electronic means of placing first Chapters of books on Electronic mediums, maybe connected to Apps with links to either get more of the book or purchase the entire book?

This makes one think of the new Markets and Advertising opportunities which possibly exist in our near future.  Hell I have trouble trying to make things linkable, attaching pictures to my posts and still haven't figured out how to attach a widget to something or else I would be exploring these and other silly strings and such.  I'll stick to writing for the time being.
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