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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Markets Expanded

Last month I did a post about Amazon expanding their markets to Germany and France.  I started a BS contest where the winner would get a blog post dedicated to them!

As a new and aspiring Author it is important to become Discovered!  That happens when a few influential or very social people read your new book.  They like it, or better yet they think it is the best thing they have read in years.  They write a review of your book, they write posts about it on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, and various book socializing sites like Mobilereads, Library Thing, or my personal favorite Goodreads!
What sells books is word of mouth.  People talking about books to other people face to face, online, or e-mailing spreads the word and sells books.  But if nobody in a given geographic area reads the book then they don’t know about it and there fore can’t talk about it which translates to no sales for said author.  NOT DISCOVERED.

So let me back up.  When I published my first novel in January 2011, Amazon had Amazon, and Amazon UK.  Just after I published my second novel, “No Rules Of Engagement”, Amazon Added two new Markets Amazon DE – Germany, and Amazon FR – France.  As I started earlier I started a silly little contest between Germany and France, which people from both countries visit this blog weekly, to see which country would be the first to purchase one of my books.  Who ever purchased a book only needed to put some information about themselves in the comments of one of my posts and I would dedicate a blog post to them and how great they and their country is!

For most of a month, nothing, zip, nadda, not even a comment about the contest.
So I started saying last week that I would give it to December and then go freaking ape shit crazy on how great Great Britian is because I get sales there every month and is grows with each successive month, because it has been Discovered.  People talk.

What did Amazon just do last week.  They added more new markets.
Amazon ES – Spain
Amazon IT – Italy
HUMPH!  The contest failed miserably with two countries.  I can only imagine how it would do twice as bad with four countries.

I am interested in being discovered in each of these countries.  I have also been researching how to get discovered in the Chinese market.  I hear most Chinese people hang out in Forums instead of social sites like we do in America.  The Forums they hang out in are in Chinese.  But most Chinese do learn to read and write English in school because their country has instructed them that English is the International Language.  But I don’t know Chinese so how can I read a Forum in Chinese and put a post about my book on a Chinese Forum when I don’t speak their language.

One Final note reminding people of my guest post on the sLp web site this Saturday.
It will be this Saturday, December 10, 2011.  Also for that day only I will offer on this blog a coupon code good for Saturday only to get my second novel “No Rules Of Engagement” from Smashwords dot com for only .99 cents.  That’s 80% off the regular price.

Between now and this Saturday if anybody from Goodreads dot com who resides in any of the following countries;
Germany, France, Spain or Italy, 
     and provides your screen name from Goodreads via E-mail I will provide a Coupon Code and link to my Second and Newest Novel from Smashwords dot com to get it for FREE.  All I ask is that if you like the book write a review of it on Goodreads and help spread the word in your country about this great new author you Discovered!
My E-mail Address is


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