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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Donnt Ta Da Moment

When I first published my first book in January, "Whisper", it took me forever to realize I could also download it to Amazon also.  It is my book and I hold all the rights to where it is and where it isn't.

Thank God I did download it to Amazon because at least there it is selling.

Things have gotten rather Stagnant over at Smashwords.  For one my books are getting viewed on their site but not selling.  Since January I have sold two books on Barnes and Noble.  Whisper is finally up on Kobo but with no cover art, so compared to the other books it doesn't look too appealing and rather bad.
Smashwords says No Rules Of Engagement is on Kobo but I haven't found it and Lord knows I have tried.

I just figured out I could also list and sell my books through Goodreads!  So tonight I downloaded both books into Goodreads.  I hope you can change the price after it is submitted because I put my newest book on there for .99 Cents by accident.  I really have trouble with some really simple things.  If I can't change the price I guess I will just have to go onto the other two and lower it there.  Donnt Ta Da.

Donnt Ta Da is what we say to each other in my family when we have a rectal cranial inversion.  Even little Garth who is almost two is so cute when he does something silly he will say 'Donnt Ta Da!"

Widgets - I keep reading and rereading the widget things on Goodreads and I really want to try it but I really don't have a clue as to what it is, how to do it, or what to do to even try it.  God please send me some technical help on some stuff.  have pity on your not to bright children, Amen.


J.L. Murphey said...

LOL, If it's any consolation the widget thimg on Goodreads is beyond even me.

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